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E.g., Feb 23 2018

Beginners' Yoga Class

We nearly bumped into each other leaving after the first two classes. After the final class we chatted briefly about wrist strength and using the wall for a certain pose. I'm confident we caught each other exchanging admiring glances and I've been regretting not exchanging info for a few weeks now. You mentioned you walked to class and I wanted you to know I'm also living nearby. Hopefully we can bump into each other again or I'll defy the astronomic improbability that you'll see this and contact me.

When: Wednesday, January, 31 2018

Where: Coquitlam Centre

Brokeback Mountain at No Frills

I was shopping at No Frills on Monday sometime around dinner time (forgot exactly when) when your beautiful, model-worthy face caught my eye. You were in a red-and-black checkered coat with brown-blond hair, and boots. I was in a brightly coloured puffy jacket. You came near me a few times to grab stuff near me, but I couldn't get any eye contact from you so I figured you were straight. Then you lined up behind me. I couldn't figure it out: Coincidence? Shyness? Reluctant interest? If you're single and interested, send me a message letting me know about what you were wearing, or what I was wearing, or other details.

When: Monday, February, 19 2018

Where: No Frills Denman Mall

coatchecked and tongue-tied at the Commodore

On Sunday we were at the Commodore for gogol bordello. I was in the coat check line minding my business. I had my green patched up vest already off. When I got to the counter and saw your eyes I felt I'd known you from another life. I was so shocked all I could do was hand you my vest. I wish I'd taken more time to give it to you along with my number because as I walked away I heard your voice and I knew it well. The band was playing and you were busy and the night slipped away... If you read this, I'd love to sit down with you over a coffee and hear your story.

When: Sunday, February, 18 2018

Where: the Commodore

Robyn, Robin not grumpy in Brentwood

I was so sleepy walking into Starbucks, not ready for your morning smile and friendliness. We talked about writing and music and I think we could have kept on talking. I would like to.

When: Wednesday, February, 21 2018

Where: Brentwood Starbucks

Stuck walking behind old pirouetting jogger

You had a blue windbreaker and teal bobble-topped toque on, covering blonde pigtails. We walked a few blocks down Broadway side-by-side, (for me) not walking at a normal pace to save the embarrasement of overtaking the old man panic jogging in front of us, who oddly pirouetted every-so-often. You’re really beautiful that kind of makes me feel warm and my tongue swell up. If that weird description hasn't put you off, don't be a stranger!

When: Sunday, February, 18 2018

Where: Broadway / Hemlock

Charleson dog Park where the sea wall is closed off

Tuesday Feb 20th you and your friend were walking and talking along the path headed into the forest. I was walking my dog off-leash headed the other way. Our eyes met for a brief moment, but just long enough to notice a rare mutual spark. Coffee?

When: Tuesday, February, 20 2018

Where: Charleson Park, False Creek dog park

Gorgeous Redhead w/ Great Smile / 1 st and Burrard

I was walking along 1 st at Burrard and you moved out of my way. You gave me a big smile. I was too shy to say thankyou for your kindness and say hello. You have long red hair and you were wearing a Yellow coat and had a backpack. You continued onto the Burrard Bridge. I was wearing a green and beige Parka with the hood up and green pants. I would love to see that winsome smile again. Can I please buy you a coffee and pastry at Siegels or somewhere else?

When: Monday, February, 19 2018

Where: Burrard and 1st ave.

Barclay Street Smile

Your blonde hair and blue eyes caught my attention, then the very nice smile you sent my way. How about a coffee or glass of wine?

When: Sunday, February, 18 2018

Where: West End

Saturday evening on the Skytrain

I saw you on the Skytrain, you sat across me. You were wearing black clothes and shoes. I looked scruffy (coming back from my soccer game) . I had a cap and headphones on. A drunk guy got on the train and said something to me I guess he wanted to sit next to me by the window? I got up and looked at you, smiling. You smiled back. Love your smile

When: Saturday, February, 17 2018

Where: Expo line

crumpled rumpled and intrigued

I was sitting on a patio tonight on Commercial Drive.. You were walking back and forth in a crumpled trench coat, jeans, rumpled blond hair. You eventually came in and spoke to the waitress for directions. I watched you. Turned my head to your direction and made a reason to walk past you to the bathroom. When I came out, you were gone and I lingered on the feeling of tangent strings of energy pulling my attention to you, telling me to seek you out here. Interested?

When: Friday, February, 16 2018

Where: Commercial Drive, patio

Walk The Moon Concert

You appeared during the song "Shut up & Dance" . The joy between you and the little boy on your shoulders was infectious. I was the tall brunette with the eyebrow ring standing in the back row. We shared a few big smiles...but as soon as the song ended you were gone. I really liked what I saw. It would be fun to see you again...

When: Thursday, February, 15 2018

Where: The Vogue Theatre

Valentine's yoga party

We were dancing at the yoga party very close, we kept looking at each other. I found you extremely attractive, I can't stop hoping I see you again. I was too shy to say hi. I hid it, you had no idea I was into you. I wish I didn't. Nobody ever catches my eye. You were amazing.

When: Wednesday, February, 14 2018

Where: Yoga

Redhead on the 240

I was riding the 240 from North Vancouver to downtown and you got on before the bridge. No idea what it was, but you intrigued me. You had red hair, facial hair, and were wearing a striped shirt, black jacket, jeans, dirty white sneakers and had a bandaid on your finger. I’m sure you felt me glancing up every so often because you kept looking up to me. I had the big pink shopping bag on my lap and the turquoise sweater, with curly short dark hair. Something about you made me think you were someone I would love to get to know. Maybe you thought the same. :)

When: Thursday, February, 15 2018

Where: 240 bus from North Vancouver

Spanish Banks smile

We passed each other twice running in opposite directions along Spanish Banks on the Family Day holiday. It was a gorgeous day and your bright smile as we passed each time made me think you were enjoying the day much as I was. You had your hair in a pony tail, brilliant blue running gear, and ear buds in. I was wearing a blue shirt, black and white hat, and trying my best to smile back. Maybe we end up running towards a coffee/drink next time?

When: Monday, February, 12 2018

Where: Spanish Banks

waiting for the N35

1 am and you were taking pictures if the east van snowfall. you said the only relevance of groundhog day was its asociation with Bill Murray, and thats when i knew you were the real deal. we chatted about working in restaurants and fondu.

When: Wednesday, February, 14 2018

Where: commercial and hastings

Jay, you kept making sure I could see at the Dan Auerbach concert, and we had a ton of laughs at the Morrissey

I'm so glad that I randomly met you and Pete at the show, and I'm sorry for leaving without saying goodbye, and am kicking myself for not getting your number...I hope you two made it home safely! I had such a great time with you, and I would love to meet for a beer, a chat, a concert...send me a message. I sure hope this finds you somehow.

When: Saturday, February, 10 2018

Where: The Vogue & The Morrissey

From a few years ago: the blond, blue-eyed guy at Fitness World on Davie

The time listed is just the default to bypass the system. Because we first met back in 2014—I was working out at Steve Nash Fitness World (Davie and Howe) when you approached me to ask some questions. You were blond and blue-eyed, rugged, in pants and boots. I'm the Asian guy who was the same height as you. Over a long period of time, we kept working out close to each other. Once, I tried to chat with you but you retreated. And then you slowly began to work out near me again. We kept running into each other: at the gym, on the street—until the fateful day I ran into you at the grocery store with your partner. Though I haven't seen you since, I've thought of you and have continued to wonder where you went, what became of you—and if I would ever get the opportunity to explain something I never got the chance to. If you are now single, remind me of something over the course of our tentative run-ins to let me know it's you.

When: Tuesday, February, 13 2018

Where: Steve Nash Fitness World (Howe and Davie)

Kits Safeway Produce Guy

Safeway in Kits at 4th & Vine St. Produce Department worker with bushy beard, gorgeous eyes and smile. Sunday Feb.11 around supper time, I was taken aback by how handsome you are as we chatted about my office apple tasting event, your apple favourites, joy of juicing and your recommendation of clementines (delicious by the way!). Not sure if you are single, but I am and if you are open for a meet and great coffee/drink... let me know. cheers - Kitsilano Ambrosia apple gal.

When: Sunday, February, 11 2018

Where: Safeway Produce Department - 4th & Vine Street. Vangroovey BC.

You're a police officer: Freshii at Renfrew and Nootka

You were with a group of police officers at Freshii or you had just left them. I was walking towards Starbucks. I caught you looking at me and our eyes met and you looked quickly away but I smiled. I had curly blonde hair, red lipstick and a denim vest over a grey hoodie, you are a police officer. :) Drinks?

When: Sunday, February, 11 2018

Where: Freshii at Renfrew and Nootka

Usually hate the #20 but....

You sat across from me on the 20 going downtown. I saw you at the bus stop and immediately thought you were such a cool dude, not to mention attractive. I’ve never posted one of these before and never thought I would but I really dug your black and white vans, khaki coloured chinos and Arcteryx back pack. If you ever read this, you’re super hot.

When: Tuesday, February, 13 2018

Where: #20

calabash - wrong #

Had a bunch of fun with you! Entered the wrong # into your phone. So sorry.

When: Friday, February, 09 2018

Where: Calabash

Way back when. New Years day on the seawall.

Was back in the day. New Years day on the seawall in Stanley Park. Early eighties. Was a beautiful day we both walking the seawall. We caught each other's eye and eventually struck up a conversation. You from Nanaimo ( I think ) an actress, me just a kid from Vancouver. We spent several hours talking and walking. You got cold I gave you my jean jacket. We said our good byes and I watched you walk away. Have been curious all these years who you are. You blonde beautiful and confidant. Wonder if you remember.... I want my jacket back.

When: Tuesday, February, 13 2018

Where: Vancouver

Bar Hopping on Sunday

I noticed you, tall, dark haired, exotic guy at the Alibi room having beers. As I was leaving my sister told me that you had wished me good night but I was totally deaf and oblivious! Luckily I went to the Diamond bar after and as i was going down the stairs to leave you were walking up them! What were the chances! You smiled and I at least got to say HEY! We had the same idea that night :) Next time drinks together?

When: Sunday, February, 11 2018

Where: Alibi Room and The Diamond

Neighbour Who Lives Across From Me

I see you in your apartment from time to time. Tonight at 5pm you were walking around shirtless, got got dressed into a grey shirt and red ball cap. I tried not to stare but you look amazing. Me, slim, pretty brunette who is always working on her computer. Would like to meet the man who lives 50 ft from me. If single and interested... coffee? If not, be well.

When: Monday, February, 12 2018

Where: Olympic Village Wall Centre False Creek Towers


The world still needs Oil.

And will for probably another 100 years even if we build countless Nuclear Reactors and Wind...