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E.g., Dec 9 2018

Salt at Bon's

There were two of you at your table. I'd met eyes with one of you once or twice so I suspect it was you who noticed me scoping out other tables for a salt shaker, but maybe the one who noticed was the one who passed yours over to us... Whoever it was, I really respect how observant you were and I really appreciate your action. The salt took an already glorious meal to the next level. It's 2018 and I understand not all kindness equals flirting but just in case- it's worth noting that despite appearances, my lunch partner was not a date. Keep on being awesome either way, though! Thanks again.

When: Saturday, December, 08 2018

Where: Bon's Off Broadway

Main & 14th then at Brewery Creek

I saw you and your dog at the intersection of Main & 14th then again at a Brewery Creek. You were with your dad? You had a toothpick in your mouth, we made final eye contact and I smiled at you as you were standing at the door, about to leave. You have warm eyes and I found something attractive about your energey. I saw you and I’d like to see you again.

When: Saturday, December, 08 2018

Where: Main Street


Bumping backs on the crowed 14 this evening, your quiet demeanur caught my eye. When we finally sat beside each other I couldn’t come up with any words to say to you. Then, I could feel your eyes watching me as I got off the bus. So... looks like we’re in the same neighborhood. Coffee?

When: Thursday, December, 06 2018

Where: Downtown and Kitsilano

Dazzling Dress on the #22

I see you on the #22 often. Often too crowded for small talk, But I really wanted to comment on that amazing dress you were wearing that day.Gorgeous. Let's chat sometime.

When: Thursday, November, 29 2018

Where: 22 bus

Convex Mirrors

You were the installer attending our parking garage. I liked your demeanor and our brief interaction. If you are single... coffee?

When: Monday, December, 03 2018

Where: New Westminster

Supernatural Ceasing Never

Blackest of the black Darker than night Come to me my bleeding light See she comes She comes now Enter oblivion

When: Monday, December, 03 2018

Where: Under Her Black Wings

Woman on the #3 Main Bus

We ran into each other getting on the #3 Main bus earlier tonight at Main and Hastings. You got off at Main and 12th Avenue. As we sat across from each other, we exchanged a few glances. After you got off the bus, we continued the glances through the bus window. If my stop wasn't so far away I would have got off the bus to say hello to you!

When: Monday, December, 03 2018

Where: Main and 12th Avenue

At the Sands

We danced and had such a good time. You had to leave before I could get your number. Such a shame.

When: Saturday, December, 01 2018

Where: Downtown


J: Dec 1, morning ferry from Fulford-Swartz bay. Near the end of the trip you got a bit worried you were on the wrong boat the trip went so fast. We chatted on the boat, I showed you the 'shortcut' to upstairs, then we chatted more outside while we were waiting for our connections. Wish I'd passed along my number. S

When: Saturday, December, 01 2018

Where: Fulford-Swartz bay ferry

I saw you twice on Friday

I saw you twice on Friday, and we both commented on it. We work for an employer where it would not be acceptable for me to ask you out - or I would. But I think it would be okay for you to ask me for a coffee. I would say, "yes".

When: Friday, November, 30 2018

Where: Where we work

Morning 211 Bus Driver - Chris

I saw you for the first time on the #27; you were my driver. We flirted daily but I was too shy to say anything and then you disappeared. I was secretly hoping that you would ask me out. I kept kicking myself for not engaging you in conversation but then I chanced upon you two weeks before your route ended on #95 in August of this year. I actually managed to introduce myself and again, you disappeared with barely a warning this time. I have spotted you driving the 211 since October and keep thinking of you. I don’t think that you read these Chris…. but I keep hoping that we will meet again and that I won’t be so tongue-tied when we do. Until then…

When: Monday, October, 29 2018

Where: Driving toward Burrard Station

Elf meets Viking at Stiff Little Fingers Show

Your offer to lift me above the crowd was very sweet. I really was protecting your neck by refusing. I would love to talk about Iceland, Elf school, and your viking heritage. I apologize for being a little rude at first; just too many people walked into me like I wasn't there. It might be a short person's thing. I wanted to stay and talk, but was shy.

When: Thursday, November, 29 2018

Where: The Rickshaw

Three Olives for garnish.

We have a connection that much is clear. I had a chance one evening when you asked me if I ever get lucky...me to dim recognise it at the time. We should do something about this before it's too late. Be great to spend that weekend you had planned, but with me.

When: Thursday, November, 29 2018

Where: On the Wood

dying to know ur sign

u often come into my work and pick out cool books (sontag, comics, poetry) ... wanna hang out & talk about them ?

When: Thursday, November, 29 2018

Where: people's co-op

False creek skating and texting

You: Skating and texting - slightly pursed lips as you were intently posting a pic of you skating and texting on insta Me: Laughing at you....my long brown hair wisping out of my bike helmet as I rode by...a la "Skate or Die" sticker on the back....unfortunately wth not enough time to hand you a Darwin Award.

When: Thursday, November, 29 2018

Where: False Creek bike path

Spattered windows

Hi, we were on the skytrain yesterday. You were standing by the doors wearing a purple shirt with a camel/olive coloured coat and looked to be doing some peaceful window gazing with a gentle smile. I was the lady sitting wearing a green coat also gazing out raindrop spattered windows. Would you like to go out for a coffee or tea?

When: Tuesday, November, 27 2018

Where: Eastbound Expo line

72 bus ride to Swartz bay ferry - Sun 25th Nov

You had dark hair with a beautiful smile and pink socks We sat next to each other on the 72 bus to the 5 pm ferry to Vancouver from Victoria. I asked you about your pink socks and we spoke a little before I lost you in the crowd to the ferry - I didn't get to ask your name. Be great to grab coffee sometime

When: Sunday, November, 25 2018

Where: 72 bus to swartz bay

We were both went to the concert alone.

You were wearing a leather jacket, had long blonde hair. We were both waiting for the music to start, standing near the front. Your name was J and mine was S. We talked about the kind of music we liked, music and arts is a huge part of your life. You had an English accent and I promised to listen to your favorite artists. I wanted to keep in contact and exchange information but you left right after the concert. I'm from another province, so at the very least, I just wanted you to know that I thought you were one of the coolest girls I have ever met.

When: Wednesday, November, 21 2018

Where: Commodore Ballroom

PezHead aka Tall Dark and handsome at GRAN SNSC

To rainyportcity - we got your response. For the sake of not getting catfished, what are three descriptive factors of yourself to prove you are JM? Also, which 'regular' do you think we are?

When: Monday, November, 26 2018

Where: Steve Nash Sports Club - Granville

Accents of Suburbia

Hey You were on a Bumble date at the show, we chatted about the music and the venue. We talked about accents and wondered if people from the suburbs (us) had accents. Wish I could have spoken to you longer.. if that bumble date didn't work out, shoot me a line if you want to meet up for coffee or a drink!

When: Thursday, November, 15 2018

Where: "The Forest"

NW Columbia St. Starbucks & Dogs

You asked if my dog and your dog could meet -I was sitting outside Starbucks, Columbia & 6th. You, beautiful brunette! Before we had a chance to strike up a conversation, my lady date appeared from within Starbucks. As we walked away, all I could think of was how timing could have been different - and I wish I knew your name. Would love to have coffee with YOU!

When: Sunday, November, 25 2018

Where: New West Columbia Street Starbucks

Beautiful in black skytrain

I was with a friend and first saw you as I came up at commercial & broadway about 10:15pm. You were with another girl and your boyfriend! You have nice long dark hair you were wearing a hat. We made eye contact a few times. I was kinda nervous and was not sure if I should smile.. but I just want to say wow your very beautiful. Tell me how long my hair was and what I was wearing.

When: Saturday, November, 24 2018

Where: Skytrain heading to Burnaby

We shared eyes outside the Regis on Friday

I was with a friend on Dunsmuir just after 5pm in front of the Regis Pub having a smoke and taking and you walked by, I suppose coming from work towards Granville. You were blonde, beautiful, young, professional looking, stunning. I was tall, toque with glasses and stubbly face. I looked you in the eyes and you did a triple take as you walked by. I couldn’t disengage. If you see this..you won’t....message me.

When: Friday, November, 23 2018

Where: Walking by Regis Pub

Noticeable Server at Lamplighter

Sitting at the Lamplighter on a Friday night reading the Straight, you served me and commented that I Saw You was your favourite part, but you wished someone noticed you. I agreed that I loved reading I Saw You, but also have never been Seen. However, I disagree. I noticed you. I Saw You. Hope to see you again sometime.

When: Friday, November, 23 2018

Where: Lamplighter

Bandidas beauty

Most beatiful girl Iv seen in ages. Long blond hair, creamy pale skin, delicate black pearls around your neck, dressed all in black. Me: across from you at another table. getting my taco fix before a Rio Film.

When: Thursday, November, 22 2018

Where: Bandidas



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