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E.g., Nov 18 2018

Princess at Portside

On Sat 17th we met at Portside, I told you that you were gorgeous because you are, half asian I think (you wouldn't tell but I am too) in a green shirt, your name starts with C, mine with Y, half black guy in a brown jacket, you were with a friend, we talked about age, your friends situation with an older guy, I wish we talked more and exchanged numbers because I'd love to get to know you more.

When: Saturday, November, 17 2018

Where: Portside downtown

Dark Curly Hair of Brazil

Your hair and features caught my attention. You were waiting for your order with an intense focused presence. I was glad to catch you by the coffee lid counter and ask your name & where you’re from. I guessed your religious heritage right ;). You seem to have an interesting background. I’d love to know more about you. Where was I from?

When: Saturday, November, 17 2018

Where: Small Victory Café, Yaletown

I remember your name but I won't post it here

We met in line for drinks. You and your ex were hanging out with me and my roommate during the drag show. You had glasses and a pocket-square, and you were sharply dressed because you had been to the Troye Sivan concert beforehand. I thought you were handsome, clever, and absolutely charming, and I really wish I had asked for your contact info before you left.

When: Thursday, November, 08 2018

Where: Junction

Remembrance Day Victory Square

I saw you at the Victory Square Remembrance parade, you're a blonde guy, Mid 40s - Early 50s with blonde hair and sunglasses, you look like you could be military/police/firefighter? - You were with a guy who looked a little younger and had brown hair but I couldn't take my eyes off you. I was walking home and by chance saw you again with your friend going into a colourful apartment building opposite Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain Station. I'm 23, blonde and would love to get to know you/see you without your sunglasses :)

When: Friday, November, 16 2018

Where: Victory Square Remembrance Day Parade

at the rock show

we looked at each other a bunch throughout the night (i had blue lipstick, u had longish hair) and then i was startled to see u outside and got really shy suddenly. when i came back u were talking to two friends, and i wish i had stopped and talked to u. it felt pretty electric, maybe u read these things...

When: Saturday, November, 10 2018

Where: main st

Rating me

My friend asked you to fill out a survey that rated me. I wasn’t supposed to see your answers but I did and when I came back you to ask for your number, you were gone. I’d love to get coffee sometime. Let me know what you were doing before we interrupted you, so I know it’s you.

When: Monday, November, 12 2018

Where: Hastings London Drugs

Ms J at Korpiklaani

We were at Korpiklaani, right at the front before the stage. By the end I had my arms around you, but you had been drinking so I knew you should go home and sober up. You left with your friend before I could get any contact info. My name started with M.

When: Monday, November, 12 2018

Where: Korpiklaani @ the Rickshaw

Billy Bishops Remembrance

You: Long blond hair, black dress. Me: Short dark hair, black jacket. We stood close, back to back, made eye contact. We were with other people, but I’d be keen to say hi another time.

When: Sunday, November, 11 2018

Where: Billy Bishops Legion

Asian in SportChek dt

I feel like I have seen you in SportChek before! Today 11th Nov, probably around 1pm I seen you in SportChek dt. I nearly bumped into you lol, I did say sorry though. You were wearing like green/blue yoga pants and a white hoody I think. You are stunning and those yoga pants are awesome I was wearing jeans and a dark blue rain jacket.

When: Sunday, November, 11 2018

Where: SportChek Robson/Howe

33 acres of sunshine and smiles

you were behind the bar, I was at the communal table with my parents. Cute I know. It seemed as though every time we caught each other you smiled at me. I’d love to see that smile again.

When: Saturday, November, 10 2018

Where: 33 acres brewery

T. E. Coin laundry

Laundromat at Hastings and Heatley. You popped in to put your stuff in a dryer and disappeared quickly again. You had a red top and black jeans, dyed jet black hair. I thought you were really cute. Maybe next time you should stick around.

When: Saturday, November, 10 2018

Where: Hastings & Heatley

I asked what your were eating

I was curious about a few small pieces of food on a little plate. I asked you what they were. You told me.

When: Friday, November, 09 2018

Where: Nam Nam Noodles

delayed flight

We boarded our plane and, when the flight was delayed, we got off the plane. It was halloween. Neither of us were wearing costumes but we both wore hats and glasses. You were very handsome in your light coloured trench coat. I kept an eye on you but was too shy to say hello. I keep thinking about you and wishing we'd started a conversation.

When: Wednesday, October, 31 2018

Where: Vancouver Harbour airport

Classy man at the hair salon

Bonjour dear stranger, I saw you on Wednesday November 7 around 1pm on my way to work. I was walking on Granville street near W16th ave. You were taking a seat in the waiting section of a hair salon. Union salon it was I believe. For some reason, I was drawn by your silhouette. Classy, wearing a wool coat, knee lenght dark color if I recalled. As I turned to look at you through the window, you looked at me too. I went to the salon on the next day, taking a chance to maybe get your name, but no luck. My name is actually Audrey and I would love to know yours

When: Wednesday, November, 07 2018

Where: Union hair salon

I saw you as I got off skytrain at Edmonds, but almost got back on

You were sitting in a single seat with you bike, and I stood up to exit at Edmonds station and started talking to a colleague as the train pulled up, and then I saw you. We kept making eye contact and I desperately wanted to wink at you/get your number/give you mine but my colleague is...talkative. Sure hope I run into you again

When: Thursday, November, 08 2018

Where: Edmonds Skytrain Station

at Gateway Sky Train Station

You were delivering new pieces for the broken escalator at Gateway Skytrain station. Cannot remember the time but before noon I think. You smiled, I smiled, we talked about the weather/sunshine ..you got off on the mezzanine to unload that piece for the escalator and I continued on up to the trains. I almost went back to give you my # but I was in a hurry and you're probably attached, but I've got your wonderful face stuck in my head. Just the nicest smile and oh so sexy. On the off chance you see this ..coffee date and some more of that smile? Damn but you are ...fine.

When: Tuesday, November, 06 2018

Where: Gateway Sky Train Station

Sparks flew, then I really needed a fireman...

On Nov 1st, Thursday at 9:45ish AM, I noticed a firetruck on Thurlow near Alberni. The driver, obviously an experienced and more higher ranking fireman, was clearly checking me out and this lead to me also checking him out. I hope you read this and are single. I was the blonde that shot you the big smile as headed off to work in the rain.

When: Thursday, November, 01 2018

Where: Thurlow and Alberni corner

The Red Wagon

There was definitely chemistry when we exchanged glances today during breakfast at The Red Wagon. I didn’t want to be rude to The present company so I avoided eye contact when you left. If you read this.....breakfast sometime?

When: Tuesday, November, 06 2018

Where: The Red Wagon

Vintage bag

Hey, we chatted on the bus when you asked me where a certain thrift store was. I cut our conversation short by putting my head phones back in. I realize now that it was rude, and I am sorry. Maybe we can be thrifting buds? Did you find the car you were looking for?

When: Tuesday, November, 06 2018

Where: 8

Butch Drywaller at Olympic Village

You were chilling on your smoke break by two white drywalling vans. You have short hair, jeans, and maybe an earring? Swoon. I admit I walked past twice hoping you'd notice me! Don't think you did, but wanted to let you know this femme thinks you're a babe. Keep queering the village, please, and maybe next time I'll be bold enough to come say hi ;)

When: Tuesday, November, 06 2018

Where: Olympic Village

El Camino’s are awesome

Hello meghan, i was having problems starting my crappy blue truck and you helped me out. Not only were you willing to jump start my truck but also drove me a few blocks to grab a battery starter. I really owed you one and was too shy to ask if i could buy you a drink (maybe bubble tea). Hope to see you around that chevron again! Thanks soo much again for helping me out!

When: Sunday, November, 04 2018

Where: Richmond- #5 and bridgeport road CHEVRON

Pizza and D&D

You ordered a pizza for your D&D session and when I brought it to you, it was a bit... sideways. I was having a pretty brutal day and instead of adding to it, you were gracious and kind. Thanks for that. I really hope your game turned out better than your lunch.

When: Sunday, November, 04 2018

Where: East Van

Bye Bye Bye Boy

You walked into Cartems while Bye Bye Bye by NSYNC was playing on the speakers. We made eye contact and lip synced the chorus to each other. Then, I passed you your donut and you were on your way. I wish I had had the chance to actually say hi. Coffee? Donuts? Lip sync battle? Hit me up!

When: Friday, November, 02 2018

Where: Cartems downtown

Running at Trout Lake looking like a dime piece!

My friend and I were walking our ill-behaved dogs at Trout Lake and you kept running back and forth with your chocolate doodlely doo. Pretty sure you were laughing at our poor parenting skills while you locked eyes with me. Would love to run after you ever day of the week. Hit me up!

When: Wednesday, October, 31 2018

Where: Trout Lake

Renaming of Names Paramedic

You picked me up around back & your easy demeanour made the ride to St.Paul's a bit too short, even for someone in pain. You had a ridiculously intuitive & thoughtful way of knowing how to reduce my pain as much as possible -almost as though you had some prior training or experience..? Seriously though, you were cool, fun, down to earth & understated.. & I didn't have an opportunity to say thanks..so, thanks, C. ps -the hand gesture alongside the name change sealed the deal- you really are welcome to introduce me whenever you like (we can work on your French). If you see this & are up for a thank-you/would like to get to know you better coffee, drop me a line. Best part of the whole 'emergency' experience.

When: Thursday, October, 25 2018

Where: Back of apt to St.Paul's



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