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E.g., Jun 24 2019

Pulp Fiction employee

I was there picking in an order Sunday the 23rd. Afterwards as I was browsing you came out to talk to the owner and when I looked over you caught my eye. I’ve seen you working there many times and certainly noticed you but this time there was just a certain beauty I had never noticed before. My mistake obviously. I wouldn’t attempt to really chat you up while you work but I’d love to outside of work if you’re game

When: Sunday, June, 23 2019

Where: Pulp fiction books Main St

Trout Lake Park dog wants to say, "Hello"

It was the first day of summer: Trout Lake Park under a tall shade tree. It was Indigenous Day. I was sad; tearful. You said, "My dog wants to say, 'Hello'". She was a chihuahua, I think. She allowed me to pet her. "And you are kind" I thought, and now regret that not having said so.

When: Friday, June, 21 2019

Where: Trout Lake Park

Cute Paramedic at Science World on a Saturday Night

A cyclist had crashed on the bike path near Science World. You arrived to save the day. I was in the grey button up shirt, one of the 3 guys who had called it in. You told me about all the big needles you use. Please! My heart has stopped and it needs resuscitation. Can you help?

When: Saturday, June, 15 2019

Where: False Creek - Science World

Golden Ears East Canyon Lot

I saw you looking at the map with your cute, overly friendly dog. I was going to introduce myself but then someone pulled up and you greeted her “Nice to meet you”. First date? If it doesn’t work out, shoot me a message :)

When: Wednesday, June, 19 2019

Where: Golden Ears Park - East Canyon Trail Parking Lot

Bus16 got off at Drake

Hi you were wearing a white impressively ironed shirt on bus 16 this morning. I was standing next to you. Blue top, purple nailpolish and a yellow jade bracelet. I awkwardly removed my white sweater because it was too warm on the bus. I think you smiled at me. I wish I had said something. You got off at Drake St around 8:45 this morning. I'd love to grab a coffee sometime.

When: Tuesday, June, 18 2019

Where: Bus 16 going downtown

Neck turning heartbreaker

You: Devastating babe in Black Range Rover headed west on Smithe at the stop light on Granville. Me: Yellow T, Shades - Walking my pup heading south on Smithe trying not to break my neck to get another glimpse! Tell me I didn’t invent it! Fantasies about strangers is healthy right?!!!

When: Tuesday, June, 18 2019


Value Village Coquitlam stationary aisle.

You asked me if it was loafers that I was wearing. I said, yes. You replied that you liked them and that they are the style right now. You asked where I got them and I told you at Aldo. We exchanged have a good one’s and you went on your way. Would of liked to get your name and grab a coffee/drink. Please reach out!

When: Tuesday, June, 18 2019

Where: Value Village stationary aisle.

I was wearing a black and red Flamingo shirt

We were at The Marquis on Granville st and you were with another guy but you commented on my shirt a few times. I didn’t want to intrude on things but if you’d like to have a drink on our own I’d love that!

When: Tuesday, June, 18 2019

Where: The Marquis

Babe in Bandidas

What happened Sunday afternoon was kinda weird / super cool. Want to talk about it? I do!

When: Sunday, June, 16 2019

Where: Bandidas

In the parking lot on Burnaby fixing my truck

Hi loved your Parisian accent and beautiful smile. It was nice talking to you and I had wished I asked for you contact info. A little nervous. Been on my mind since. Hope you see this.

When: Sunday, June, 16 2019

Where: Burnaby st parking lot


I'm Sorry

You just were'nt strong enough to love me. Goodbye


Savage Love: Adjust expectations or end marriage

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