Luminescent smile, shy girl..

I was leaning on the bar against the back wall, waiting for some of the crowds to disperse. I was lost in my music, but would often look up to watch people coming and going, each on their rightful mission. At once, and with a start, I saw you: medium-length, wavy hair secured beneath a cute white or cream-colored knitted hat. You glanced my way and a smile spread across your face. Inwardly I panicked. Is she smiling my way? I think she is! I returned your smile. You have such a wonderfully warm, engaging smile. You looked down again and broke contact. I reciprocated. At some point you removed your headphones and I tore one of mine out; a silly, quiet gesture indicating I wanted to engage and hoping you felt the same. But I had to look again. Again you glanced, and smiled. I wanted so much to go over, say hello, introduce myself and might forevermore kick myself for not doing so, but instead I just smiled. Like an idiot. I hope that, however slim the chances are, you see this. I would love to introduce myself, formally. You seem just lovely.

When: Monday, November, 20 2017

Where: Granville Skytrain Station