Asian girl who truly appreciated Christmas Light @ City Centre

I was taking pictures of the Christmas light between Vancouver City Centre Station exit and the Pacific Centre. I saw you walking from the west on the sidewalk and your face entirely brightened up when you saw the light! I thought that was truly a great smile. You were there for a while, going through the tunnel and just appreciating the festival light even in the rain. I hung around and had a few eye exchanges with you. I wondered if I should ask you whether you would like me to take a picture for you with the light, but ended up backing out. I'll be very excited to connect with you and make up for it! You: Asian girl, probably younger than early 20s, yellow down jacket, black hair to the shoulder, black tights, white(?) shoes, blue umbrella, a fabulous smile Me: Asian guy, huge green jacket, also blue umbrella, holding a small camera

When: Sunday, December, 17 2017

Where: Vancouver City Centre Station

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