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E.g., Aug 20 2018

BC Ferries Langdale to Horseshoe Bay Cafeteria Cashier

I bought a coffee and asked how long the ride is. You said it was short. I didn't know what else to ask to keep the conversation going so I left and came back to purchase another drink for and with my mom. Haha. Would love to talk for more than 5 seconds :) You may have been the most beautiful man I've ever seen.

When: Sunday, August, 19 2018

Where: Langdale Ferry to Horseshoe Bay

CP rail cop, Port Moody

At the Esso station last weekend, you were buying water to hand out to the homeless people. A man outside was clearly having some issues, and was crying, and you talked to him like a real person, and hugged him when he asked you to. You have restored my faith in our police, and humanity, You were so kind to him,

When: Sunday, August, 19 2018

saw you @ crazy rich asians movie

yesterday I spent all day with my nana for her 90th bday went for long walks fed lil birds and squirrels the whole shebang at stanley park grabbed lunch in the north shore and movies @ park and tillford she wanted to see the crazy rich asians movie **my nana traveled around asia and one of her fave places happen to be singapore lol**lets get down to the bizz....i saw you waiting in line for cinema foods with ur gf hopin ya turn around....you didnt lolcouldn’t help but secretly admire you **checked you out -cough cough- lol** you and ur gf went to see the same movie. I saw you and her walk down and sat in the furthest right end section row 16 from the screen two seats closest to the aisle passageway. We sat far back row closest to the exit wished my nana didnt pick those seats lol i was easily diverted by you felt like I missed most of what went on with the movie ....end credits rolled by we stayed till the very end saw you and ur gf get up to leave without watchin the bonus scene **yes!!there was a bonus scene with the dude from glee and astrid** as soon as the bonus scene ended me and nana left for the car and suddenly saw you and the gf get into ur little gray or silver car drove off sighhhh just wanna say that I think ur really cute .good looking as a matter of fact....nice arms btw lol and hope to see ya again! YOU-buff asian in late 20s slicked pompadour undercut kinda hair **hairs on fleek btw**muscly with nice big arms with tattooes on ur left arm wearing gray tee with black athletic vest and blue jeans gold watch THE GF-brunette chick wearin black shirt gray athletic pants gray sketchers shoes **I have the same ones lol** sketchers rock!! ME-dirty blond hair chick with blue eyes and dorky black rim glasses lol teal flannel shirt black tights white reebok kicks....pm me if you ever wanna chill....even as friends ....just wanna say you have an admirer I think ur really cute!!’ impressive arms btw they look yummerzzz **woah I sound like a thirsty high schooler**llol you and ur gf are a cute couple and am jealous in a good way!’! cheers

When: Saturday, August, 18 2018

Where: cineplex odeon @ park and tillford

Jurassic World seated side by side

I was already seated at the movie, Jurassic World 3:55pm showing, eating popcorn, wearing white Keds. You sat down in the empty seat to my left after the movie had just barely started and it was dark. There were some women a few seats down from us to the right making loud and funny exclamations throughout the movie that made me giggle separately from the giggles the movie elicited. You may have giggled a little about them too. They were hard not to giggle about. At the end of the movie I wanted to say hello, as we had somehow seemed to share space in the theatre. We had randomly shared a weird Jurassic World experience together; who wouldn't say hi after that? If nothing else to just comment on it? But I froze. I had had a really terrible day prior, hence partly why I went to Jurassic World at 4pm on a Saturday. It felt abnormal, awkward, that I said nothing. Usually I would have been able to say something, anything! But all I could say after gathering my belongings was "excuse me, sorry" as I passed you to leave. Redo?

When: Saturday, August, 18 2018

Where: Jurassic World, 3:55pm, Cineplex Odeon International Village Theatre


What a privilege it was to "have to" stand beside you on the Canadaline train from the airport of Richmond - such rare beauty you possess! (beautiful face!) true class and intelligence! And on top of that I could see that you were a special, genuine person by the way that you laughed in response to some of the emails on your phone. And then you were so nice as to talk with ME! - humble old me!!- how great that was - our little talk - your delightful English accent - that you told me you pick up by living your life in India and not in some renowned British College - or university. I felt badly about breaking away - leaving for some thing less significant than you.

When: Friday, August, 17 2018

Where: Canada line skytrain to Waterfront

Bimini Liqour store

I saw you at the Bimini liquor store while we were both buying beers. We talked about our favourite drinks. You first got drunk off Colt 45’s. I was the blonde going to the red truck concert and I told you my favourite beer was parklife passion fruit ale. You were on your way to a wedding ‘not yours’. You were drinking 33 acres of ocean and bought your friend a case of coronas. I seriously regret not giving you my number!

When: Saturday, August, 04 2018

Where: Bimini liquor store


Leos/Tokyo/bronchitis..if you're interested, ask :)

When: Friday, August, 17 2018

Where: RBC Lonsdale

A moment in the reeds

I first noticed you- cute blonde, short hair, leather jacket, in the hallway going back into the theatre. I couldn’t believe my luck when you walked up the stairs straight towards the empty seat next to mine. Unfortunately, you sitting next to me made me feel super shy and I didn’t even manage to ask you how you liked the film. Second chance over coffee? Maybe I see you at one of the other QFF shows (Deep Inside Clint Star or The Miseducation of Cameron Post)?

When: Wednesday, August, 15 2018

Where: Queer Film Festival International Village Theatre

Wooden Horsemen - CBC Musical Nooners

Beautiful woman in a white skirt and light blue tank top sitting on a folding seat on the lawn in front of the stage. Great smile and style. I was just to the right of you. Was going to say hello but you jumped onto your hot pink scooter and went south on Hamilton. Coffee, lunch, or a chat about music. You made the Nooner even more enjoyable.

When: Thursday, August, 16 2018

Where: CBC Plaza - Hamilton Street

Would you like to continue our chat Damica?

I was at the bar, and we had a brief talk before you were whisked away by your friend. I 'd like to meet up again - if you'd like. Life is good!

When: Thursday, August, 16 2018

Where: Saint Augustine's on Commercial

Simply Beautiful

We were both waiting for the 19 on Main. You were speaking with some of the people of the neighbourhood in a relaxed manner. Someone was crossing the street and asked you if you were grabbing 'a coffee'. You told her 'a beer' jokingly. I hope I remember that right. We both got on the bus. You, on, the middle and I was the last one at the front. I was the Asian with the dark turtleneck. I thought you were simply beautiful. Thank you for having good energy.

When: Wednesday, August, 15 2018

Where: Main Street

See you like everyday

We’ve known each other for seven years, I think we even went to the same high school? Can’t be sure. But these days, waking up next to you and laughing together throughout the day is very special. You have a beautiful smile, I hope it’s directed at me for another seven years at least.

When: Wednesday, August, 15 2018

Where: Your ex’s apartment-patio parties-The Wise-your bed-

I'm Sorry

You struck up a conversation with me on the corner of Hastings & Renfrew. It turns out we have a lot in common, including an interest in goats and reading the “I Saw You” section. I made a bad joke about a tattoo that I have and you seemed offended. I really think we had a connection so I booked an appointment to get my tattoo removed. Forgive me, Stanley! –Deb

When: Tuesday, August, 14 2018

Where: Hastings & Renfrew


You engaged us immediately with your compliments on our attire and togetherness. We were taken by your beauty, poise and nature but were exhausted from a very long and full weekend, and the Jack White show. We'd love to see you again and and hope you will find us and give us that opportunity.

When: Sunday, August, 12 2018

Where: M's Lounge on Davie

I see you. You see me.

I propose you either a) finally talk to me b)wear pink socks to indicate you want me to talk to you c) or just stop being so fucking perfect that I cannot get my eyes off of you.

When: Tuesday, August, 14 2018

Where: Marine Gateway SNFC

Walked 3 blocks with you from Alberni to Robson.

I ran into you at the corner of Alberni and Robson. You obviously had been having a hard time, you started telling me about your relationship with a younger woman and how much trouble you were having. Before we parted I wished you good luck. I wish I had got your contact info, you seemed like you really needed a friend.

When: Thursday, August, 09 2018

Where: Corner of Alberni anc Robson

Microsoft Guy-Pride Premier at VAG

You were cute, average height? Black hair, you were at the Microsoft booth showing people how to work the VR game. I was the short woman at the booth across from you, making awkward eye contact, I have brown/red hair. I was a mess, it was very hot but hanging out with my friends, and seeing your cute face made my day! Hope you had a wonderful time. Wish I said something irl...

When: Friday, July, 27 2018

Where: Vancouver At Gallery


You with your chestnut brown hair, white untanned skin, polo shirt and sexy khaki pants were standing on the log with your Dad I think waching Mens Final Voleyball at Kitsfest. I go up from the bleachers twice and saw you both times except this time you stepped off the log turned as you were leaving to catch up with your Dad and took a long glance at me. We locked eyes for a moment and my heart dropped because you were leaving. I was wearing white sunglasses and shirt with black capris and my green jacket wrapped around my waist matching my converse shoes. I stayed until 630pm hoping you hD come back to watch baskeball final between Kits beach and Van city. You didnt. By the way Van city won thanks to Stephen Currys lookalike and mates.

When: Monday, August, 13 2018

Where: Kitsilano Beach

Late Saturday early Sunday morning 2 weekends ago

You had tattoos all over it was later after bar hours you walking towards burrard on hastings me the opposite way I said hi beautiful you smile and kept walking could I redo my greeting this time around ?

When: Saturday, August, 04 2018

Where: Hastings and Granville

Blonde @ Deafheaven

You have wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, were wearing a white tank top, black leather pants, and white shoes. Your friend had dark hair and tattoos. I (short brown hair, wearing black shorts and a brown shirt) approached you after the set ended with something lame like “how did you like the show?” You said it was great but quickly disappeared. Would love to take you to dinner.

When: Saturday, August, 11 2018

Where: The Imperial


We met late in the afternoon on the patio of the Lennox Pub. Your luggage was in the corner. I was the windblown redhead suffering from hay fever & lisping as I'd just had a root canal. We both love fine food, wine & craft beer. I so enjoyed our shared stories (often hilarious) of mishaps/misadventures. I had to leave because of my 2 geriatric dogs & because I was in pain as the freezing was wearing off. I forgot to take your number! If you see this, please leave your number for me. I'd love to pick up where we left off.

When: Wednesday, June, 20 2018

Where: Patio of the Lennox Pub

Driving into our building this afternoon

I was using the walkway to enter the garage area while you were driving a silver SUV into the garage. As you stopped to use your fob to open the gate, I looked over at you as I was walking in the door wearing a hat. You flashed me a fantastic smile !! How about drinks and a conversation?

When: Friday, August, 10 2018

Where: Coal Harbour

Superstore on seymour

hot buff tan skin Asian man with a tattoo on left arm alert! just saw you in aisle 8 then 9 im the tall brunette with the cut off jean shorts who bumped you with my cart @ meat department and check out 7 and I was at 6. I smiled at you but guess you looked passed me. hope to see you again maybe a coffee Netflix and chill ?

When: Friday, August, 10 2018

Where: Superstore on seymour

Perfect Asian boy on the Skytrain

You were standing right in front of me and I had to stay in the corner. You had a light tattoo on your left arm and you are so perfect I froze. Wanted to ask your wechat but couldn't talk. You were with a friend and he stayed after you left. Wanted to ask him but I felt too shy. I'm the white girl standing in front of you like a potato. 你真的帅哥

When: Thursday, August, 09 2018

Where: Skytrain

Park across holy rosary cathedral

Blonde business women who sat in the park near jj bean at one of the tables. You looked like you wanted to talk, but i couldnt get between you and your lunch, i am hoping you might see this

When: Thursday, August, 09 2018

Where: Holy rosary cathedral


Apartment bound

Sometimes I feel kind of scared to go outside...so I don't.


Savage Love: My boyfriend won't delete his ex's pics from Instagram

My boyfriend of one year has refused to delete photos from his Instagram account that show him with his ex-girlfriend.