He’s a magic man...

I was creeping on you from the corner of my eye while I grooved to Chance the Rapper on my bike. But it was dark in there and frankly I had no idea what you looked like, I was just vibing the fantasy my mind was spinning to get me through those hills. Cut to after class, you were polished in your suit and lacing up your shoes. I almost fell over when you asked me if I enjoyed class in your British accent. I guess you noticed me, too. Who are you magic man who can take a spin class and look sharp in a suit shortly after? And what are the chances you’re single and want to take me on a date? If you (sadly) happen to be unavailable, let’s pretend you never saw this so I can still visit the studio? xx

When: Friday, December, 15 2017

Where: Eastwood Cycle

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