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I was biking/you were walking at Richards and Georgia. You looked stunning with your strawberry blonde hair and bright eyes. I asked if you wanted to grab a coffee sometime but you said you had a partner. I hope they know how lucky they are. If anything changes, hit me up :)

When: Wednesday, April, 17 2024

Where: Richards & Georgia

Handsome Smile at lunch in Olympic Village

You sat across the bar from me. I looked up and we caught each other's eye and both smiled. You: beef dip. Trucker hat. Black t-shirt and beard and of course handsome. Me: long hair, dining alone having a quick working lunch. Drove past you again as you were walking down the parking ramp and I was driving out. We smiled again. Who are you? It feels like we are supposed to meet. Coffee?

When: Tuesday, April, 16 2024

Where: Tap & Barrel - Olympic Village

High end furniture hottie

I saw you while I was shopping with a funny designer from LA. I have bleach blond hair, you have intense eyes.

When: Saturday, April, 13 2024

Where: Living space

Bakery Honey

You: Glasgow accent at the Livia counter on the Drive, sparkle eyes. Time expands when I’m around you. Me: Ursula K Leguin conversations, hobbit life, black americano. So into your ways.

When: Tuesday, April, 09 2024

Where: CommercialDrive

Happy Day Cafe on Kingsway

You were sitting by yourself & you ordered a few Curry Fish Balls and a few deep-fried Spring Rolls eating by yourself.. You were wearing a white t-shirt, a pair of grey sweat-pants and sunglasses. I was sitting by the window next to you and would have loved to strike a conversation and maybe take you around trying & exploring different Asian cuisine if it wasn’t for my mom and sister sitting with me at the time… lol Would love to make a friend and hangout sometimes..

When: Saturday, March, 16 2024

Where: Happy Day Cafe on Kingsway, Vancouver

At the couter / Coast Capital

We were at the counter at Coast Capital. I admired your wonderful hair, and asked if you had a friend to help you with it. I want to hear your sweet voice. I want to hear you sing. I want to hold you and be held by you. I want to wake up next to you in the morning.

When: Tuesday, March, 05 2024

Where: Coast Capital / Richmond

you gave me a pack of cigs

I am not only impressed by your physical beauty, style and vibe girl.... your way of speaking directly, honestly and concisely indicates high intelligence and that for me is also a major turn on. I owe you $20. You should know that I am a better painter than musician. I want to sketch and paint you, you guessed it, reclined nude. i also wrote you a song after you told me your name tonight, there is another one too. two songs! $20 And... I am a fucking deadly good dancer..... Electric Daisy???

When: Sunday, March, 03 2024

Where: in front of L'Abattoir

Smiles at the gas station

I was filling up, you were about to... we exchanged smiles, you blonde lady, me brunette (well, salt and pepper) fella. I looked back as I pulled away and we exchanged another quick smile—couldn't help but try this to reach out to you... reach back!!

When: Sunday, March, 03 2024

Where: New Westminster

we were in line at the bus stop and you said hi.

this was ages ago, but i was wearing an orange shirt and i was with my friend waiting for the 214 in the summer. we kept looking at each other while we waited even though you were by the edge of the sidewalk and we were by the steps so you had to turn to look back at us. you got in line for the bus before we did and while we were in line you said hi to me. i swear i meant to say hi back, but in what is inevitably cheesy to say i was so taken aback by how pretty your eyes were that i didn’t say hi back. my phone was dead that day otherwise i would’ve asked for your number during the ride. posting this is the longest shot in a billion ways but i haven’t stopped thinking about you since… i doubt you’ve thought about this interaction but you’ve kind of become my roman empire.

When: Wednesday, July, 19 2023

Where: phibbs exchange, bay 9, we both got on the 214

Quick smile through the car window

You were waiting at the light in the rain holding two (whole foods?) grocery bags, I was in the passenger seat of my friend's car right beside you. We looked at each other and I had to do a double take. On the second look, we shared a smile and my heart almost imploded. Honestly I'm pretty shy usually, but if the situation was a little different I may have had to say hello to you. If that smile was more than normal friendliness, let me know! I assume we both frequent that area, so even just another smile if we ever bump into each other again should do the trick. Either way, thank you for brightening up a gloomy day.

When: Thursday, February, 29 2024

Where: Close to Broadway and Cambie


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