I "taught" you how to dance

My friend and I made our way through the crowd, and stopped beside you after they had come on stage. I immediately started dancing. I saw you watching me, but you were just standing there. I asked you to show me your moves, and you said you didn't know how. My friend said that I would teach you how to dance. We danced the whole night. You didn't know the band, and I only knew a few songs. It didn't matter, as I still had a great time. At the encore, you were clapping your hands with your ice-filled glass and I said, "You're going to drop ice on my friend!" and grabbed the glass and slid it across the dance floor. You asked me to go for drinks, I agreed. But the line was long and you got a phone call, I went back to dance and didn't see you again.

When: Friday, January, 26 2018

Where: Passion Pit @ The Commodore Ballroom

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