From a few years ago: the blond, blue-eyed guy at Fitness World on Davie

The time listed is just the default to bypass the system. Because we first met back in 2014—I was working out at Steve Nash Fitness World (Davie and Howe) when you approached me to ask some questions. You were blond and blue-eyed, rugged, in pants and boots. I'm the Asian guy who was the same height as you. Over a long period of time, we kept working out close to each other. Once, I tried to chat with you but you retreated. And then you slowly began to work out near me again. We kept running into each other: at the gym, on the street—until the fateful day I ran into you at the grocery store with your partner. Though I haven't seen you since, I've thought of you and have continued to wonder where you went, what became of you—and if I would ever get the opportunity to explain something I never got the chance to. If you are now single, remind me of something over the course of our tentative run-ins to let me know it's you.

When: Tuesday, February, 13 2018

Where: Steve Nash Fitness World (Howe and Davie)