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E.g., Mar 25 2018

City Tour

Me: Nervous fool who babbles non-stop. You: Total babe, total enigma. I'd like to listen to your voice forever instead.

When: Wednesday, March, 21 2018

Where: Downtown

Los Cuervos - Around 7pm - 9pm

You were helping us with our food and drinks. You were wearing a grey dress. I tried very hard not to look while with my two female companions in the corners. I was mesmerized by you. I'm an older gent. Wavy hair. Somewhat unkempt. Given the disparity in ages, I'm just putting this out there.

When: Thursday, March, 22 2018

Where: Los Cuervos

This evening at dinner ...

You took my breath away ... i loved watching you with the beautiful little girl, clearly she's very attached to you .. i think she's your neice... i said hello to you briefly; you shared the childs mixed heritage with me - so beautiful !! The restaurant is ethnic and on cambie street.. i was on the table behind you having dinner with an older couple. It would be amazing to hear from you ... ...hope you had a great evening.

When: Thursday, March, 22 2018

Where: Cambie Street

Young girl driving a white Toyota beside me in Georgia

I know this is a shot in the dark, but we were driving next to each other through the middle of Georgia for about 45 minutes. We exchanged waves a couple times and many glances with each pass. You were a beautiful, young, dark haired girl wearing a blue headband. You were driving a white Toyota SUV with South Carolina plates and I was driving a red pick up truck.

When: Friday, March, 16 2018

Where: Georgia interstate

you melted my cold cold heart

You were in the hallway. I had my camera. I took a photo of you. You bit me. It was love at first bite. So why do you still hide, when I feed you, groom you, and let you sleep with me?

When: Wednesday, March, 21 2018

Where: Just down the hall

Hive Yoga Cutie

You were in my 730pm yin yoga class at the hive. Tall, red hair, and a tattoo on your front left shin. I was hoping you’d climb after class, but you left. Maybe I’ll see you next week?

When: Monday, March, 19 2018

Where: The Hive North Shore

cutest girl with dyed bright red hair and SFU hoodie on the expo line

You: super cute girl, beautiful pale skin, bright dyed red hair, standing listening to music in your SFU sweater, cute black tights and combat boots with wooly socks. Your look is somewhere between punk + student. I was sitting wearing a red white and black baseball hat, blue jeans, black crooks sweater and black work boots, with my cat in a cage. I was taking him to get his nails clipped! We locked eyes for just a moment and I wanted to talk to you but I didn't want to bother you, then you got off at surrey central. I'd love to go for food and talk with you You seem very special.

When: Tuesday, March, 20 2018

Where: expo line, surrey central area


We were sitting at the back of the bus and there was a man sitting beside me who was yelling into his phone. I was trying to hide my laughter behind my mug but I caught your eye over the top of it and saw you were trying not to laugh too. I was in danger of losing my beverage so I left. Hope you survived the very loud phone call. You seem like a genuine person, stay cool!

When: Sunday, March, 18 2018


Skater Mom

You were taking your son skating. You are a very youthful and beautiful 29 :) I was at a loss for words. That won't happen twice! I would love an adult convesation.

When: Saturday, March, 17 2018

Where: Lonsdale Skate park

Beauty in the Rolling Stones T-Shirt

You were standing near the bus stop on Hastings and Nanaimo wearing my favorite band t-shirt. It was the rolling stones tour of 81' with the dragon standing on the stadium. I walked up to you and we briefly talked about the shirt and how your cool uncle had a bunch of old band tour shirts from back in the day. You made a joke about him not being able to fit into them any longer and that they now all belonged to you. You were exactly my type, funny beautiful and had great taste in music I've thought of our quick conversation 100 times and don't understand why I didn't at least ask if I could get a chance to see the rest of your shirt collection and maybe at the same time get to know you a little better. So if I can walk back in time and ask a quick question can I see you again and also your shirt collection...

When: Monday, March, 19 2018

Where: Hastings and Nanaimo

Antibalas - Biltmore

I feel like if you read this, you will know. I noticed you right away because you seemed so annoyed. And I get the feeling you are often annoyed with him. When I got the chance to talk to you, you said - we’re just so different. I just want you to know that you are a fucking babe. And amazing, coming from Paris, being a mother, having so many cool things going on. It’s hard to unlearn that a guy being there is the goal, that it is enough. But girl, you are so much more than him. You have a thousand things going for you. You are smart, intelligent, worldly, gorgeous, kind. And he is just…a dude. I know you have a kid and that complicates things in ways I can’t understand. But I just want you to know when you say “we’re different”, I want to tell you “you’re different”. And you deserve more. So much more.

When: Sunday, March, 18 2018

Where: The Biltmore

Cute dog, even cuter owner

Everyone on the patio turned to look at you and your adorable white dog (adorable is an understatement), but I was more focused on who was behind the leash. I pulled out my phone and we made eye contact, you waved all the while your pup leaned in for a few licks. If you do see this, I would love to join you on a walk.

When: Saturday, March, 17 2018

Where: Steamworks, Water Street

Gaylick Encounter

I asked you dance that finished with a make out. You in all black dark hair and hat and me with the ridiculous shirt and Irish flag. My luck ran out when neither of us had phones to exchange numbers.. Let's grab a proper pint sometime.. I think you mentioned you were French Canadian?

When: Saturday, March, 17 2018

Where: Lick @Odyssey Club

In the snow with camera and coffee

It was a sunny morning when we had that big snowfall. You had an SLR slung over your shoulder, a travel mug of coffee, big sunglasses, a long pink scarf and a great smile. I took a photo of you. Oh, you have a fantastic smile. We chatted briefly at Trout Lake, near the beach. What a lovely morning it was! I'd love to see you again.

When: Saturday, February, 24 2018

Where: Trout Lake

Supergirl Bus Driver

I don't know if you'll ever see this, but I wanted to thank you for making my usual, uneventful trip to recycle my bottles memorable and pleasant. You had such a positive, energetic aura about you, that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside; I hadn't felt so comfortable on a bus in a long while. You: With a fuchsia bandana, and pink eye-shadow! Me: Black hair and black frames.

When: Sunday, March, 18 2018

Where: 136 Brentwood

St. Patty Day Skytrain

We shared smiles & a brief conversation on a short skytrain ride. We were heading downtown on St. Patrick's Day & we spoke about nexus. I had to get off the train right when we started chatting, but I regret not staying on just to chat. PS you were from Whiterock.

When: Saturday, March, 17 2018

Where: Canada Line Skytrain Northbound

Smart girl at Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar!

I sat next to you at the seminar - we were both sceptical about the whole thing, though you almost signed up to the course ;) Your mum joined us late and the 3 of us left early. Sorry I didn't grab your number - we should meet up and plan how to get rich.... Mike

When: Thursday, March, 15 2018

Where: Pinnacle Hotel

Tall Brunette At Salvation Army Thrift

You, wearing long dark coat, we passed in the aisle - me: bike helmet, glasses and short beard. You left walking on Sophia towards Kingsway. Like to get to know you!

When: Thursday, March, 15 2018

Where: Mt Pleasant Salvation Army

#9 On my mind

You can't just talk to people on the bus. But I would have liked to! I sat across from you on the #9 from Burrard to cambie Wednesday after work. You had short hair pulled back with shaved sides and you were wearing black and grey gloves and sunglasses. I had short hair off to the side and black and white pants. I know it's a long shot on here, but wanna have a coffee and a conversation?

When: Wednesday, March, 14 2018

Where: #9 Bus Burrard to Cambie

Cute blonde barista at Trees on Granville

We were waiting in line for our drinks and that's when I looked over and saw you. You were busy making drinks for those who had ordered before us and you were very focused into your work. I couldn't help but notice you, with beautiful makeup and beautiful blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. I'm not sure you'll ever see this but I just wanted to say that you're gorgeous!

When: Thursday, March, 15 2018

Where: Trees Organic Coffee, Granville Street

Double take on Bute

I was walking down Bute, you were walking along Alberni. You are tall and handsome with glasses, brown hair, and I think a wool coat? I am blonde and had a gray hooded poncho on, carrying a notebook. Our eyes met, I smiled, you smiled. We caught eyes again as I did a double take and then I crossed the street. When I looked back from other to her side you were looking my way. I'd like to see you again!

When: Thursday, March, 15 2018

Where: Alberni and Bute

My head is in the clouds

You have wavey brown hair and you were ordering a coffee at Truffles at Van Dusen gardens. I gave you a complement on your wool shawl and i continued to talk about wool. I also ordered a coffee cause i was on my coffee break. You had such a warm manner about yourself and to this day i kick myself that i did not ask you out. Mornings are not my thing. I have been back several times to see if you had a routine,so i hope you read this and reply. You said " it was very nice to talk with you". I'm a gardener at the gardens

When: Tuesday, January, 23 2018

Where: Truffles at Van Dusen

What's Under Your Kilt?

To the dark haired Scottish guy at rugby sevens: we talked for a while, I was drinking beer with a straw and you were making fun of me for it. You were adamant that anyone but the British should win. I was wearing overalls, have long, sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes that shine like small lanterns in a frog pond. Wanted to give you my number but couldn't find you.

When: Sunday, March, 11 2018

Where: Rugby Sevens

Jesper Ryom

To think that you would slow down from your afternoon run to walk at a similar pace next to me, I would have never expected it. You loved the music I was playing. Your words spoke "You don't hear anything like this in this city". I shared the musical artist with you, spelling every letter. I share my subtle adoration for you by saying how absolutely gorgeous & very fit you are; from what I could see. Your attire was a light blue running shirt & black compression pants, hair in a ponytail. The realness of our encounter really stuck with me. Let's plan to exchange more words than we did or go for a run together...until then.

When: Monday, March, 12 2018

Where: Lost Lagoon Trail - English Bay



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