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E.g., Nov 24 2020

Cute guy on skytrain

You got on the train with your bike around Royal Oak, got off at commercial. Tall in a green hoodie, medium length dirty blonde hair and Red Racer hat I believe. We kept making eye contact and you were making me blush under my mask. If you read this and remember me message me something about myself.

When: Monday, October, 12 2020

Where: Skytrain

Cute lady on 99 B-Line

You got on the B Line at Alma and got off at Granville. You were wearing a lovely yellow and white floral jacket. It was super cute. So are you! I was the bearded fella dressed in black that couldn't stop checking you out.

When: Monday, October, 12 2020

Where: 99 B-Line Eastbound

Sexy salt and pepper Costco Sunday Oct 4

This is the second time I saw you at Costco and I am pretty sure we are checking each other out. I went back today hoping you would be there around the same time. The first time I saw you we were all over the store at the same time. I had my wagon and you noticed I put flowers in it. This time I was with my friend and again we were all over the store at the same time. You are probably in your mid to late 30s with salt and pepper hair. Even with the mask I can tell you are super cute. I am hoping you find me, but if not, I will continue going around the same time (even though I hate Costco on weekends) with the hope I will run into you again and make some sort of conversation. If a miracle happens and you find this post, tell me something about myself that isn't in here.

When: Sunday, October, 04 2020

Where: Costco Downtown

I Know a Good Place

Saw you in North Van at Fishworks. Was going to ask you to go for a walk to the pier with me but ended up going alone. Would you care to join me sometime?

When: Tuesday, September, 29 2020

Where: Fishworks

Handsome in glasses

I noticed you sitting in a wing chair waiting for your lunch. I definitely peeked over my shoulder a couple of times lol. I wondered who you are and what you do after you walked out. You had sweet glasses.

When: Friday, October, 09 2020

Where: Uncommon Cafe

Cute Touque, Great Smile

You were on your phone while walking up Oak street, and I backed up as my vehicle was blocking your path. Just wanted to say you have a lovely smile. Perhaps we could go for coffee sometime?

When: Thursday, October, 08 2020

Where: Oak Street

22 Knight Bus & Pink Streaks!

I saw you on the 22 Knight Bus- You were reading and seemed like you were in your own world but we shared a few glances... Just wanted to say hi and I thought your hair was super cool! If you see this I'd love to know what you were reading!

When: Thursday, October, 08 2020

Where: Vancouver, 22 Knight Bus

Hello Kitty Shirt and a mini skirt @ commercial

I noticed you crossing the street... and then you noticed me starring. How could I not? You wore a mini-skirt, hello kitty crop top and your hair was coloured. I was on my phone standing up against the back of my car. You walked off and then came back to pass by two more times. I don't think it was coincidence.

When: Tuesday, October, 06 2020

Where: Commercial Drive @ the corner of JJ BEAN

Wine Shopping at Swirl

I can't stop thinking about you. You and I arrived at the Swirl Wine Store in Yaletown last Thursday night just as they closed for 5 minutes. We had a lovely chat outside in the light rain, we spoke of what a strange year it has been and you indicated that you lived in the tower across the way. We spoke about Rose wines we love and how much we like the store. You're gorgeous Jennifer (I think that's your name!) and I would SO love to meet you for a glass of wine and get to know you better. Please be in touch!

When: Thursday, September, 24 2020

Where: Swirl Wine Store, Yaletown

Smiling Cyclist on a Side Street

You were on your bike on the corner of Dunbar and 4th, in a white cardigan, stopped at the red light. I was sitting drinking a coffee outside Aphrodite's and accidentally made eye contact. Your smile was so genuine, and so unexpected, that it caught me off guard. This week has been terrible, but you (inadvertently) made it a bit brighter. Not expecting you to see this, but on the off chance - thank you, I needed that. I regret that I was too nervous to say something.

When: Friday, October, 02 2020

Where: 4th and Dunbar


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