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Riley @ having a mid-bike ride coffee stop at Nemesis Polygon

This past Saturday morning around 930a we met just outside Nemesis Polygon. You were with your friend on a bridge loop bike ride, and I was there with my folding bike. We started talking as we were ordering coffee and food. I really enjoyed our conversation and hope to see you again. I only wish I got your number Riley, and hope we can connect again, perhaps go for a bike ride and coffee?

When: Saturday, August, 27 2022

Where: Nemesis Coffee - Polygon, North Vancouver

Stunning and friendly Passport Office worker- Vancouver

I came in to pick up my passport; you were in the foyer, trying to bring order to chaos. You helped me; you thought it was funny that I had my ID and reference number already ready for you. I asked you how your day was- you replied that you hadn't started drinking yet! (It was early.) You're Asian, burgundy top, capris, hair tied back in a short ponytail; friendly, kind, funny, and very, very beautiful. Why don't we grab a drink- just not an early morning one!

When: Monday, August, 29 2022

Where: Sinclair Centre passport office

Stomach Tattoo

I see you quite often on our morning commute , you asked me about my stomach tattoo . Let’s grab a coffee sometime ?

When: Wednesday, August, 17 2022

Where: Bridgeport Station

Wreck Beach Walkby

To the cute Asian who unexpectedly said hi to me as we walked past each other on the beach - you towards the stairs... I was the tall guy wearing a brown hat, sunglasses, black shorts and a turquoise tank top... you caught me off guard. Who are you?

When: Thursday, August, 25 2022

Where: Wreck Beach

Au Comptior

We noticed each other, you seated, me standing. I After shyly turning away I turned back to engage and ... you were gone. You reminded me to live my life less passively. Grateful for that brief moment. I hope you are to.

When: Saturday, August, 20 2022

Where: 4th at Vine

Smiling Vancouver SkyTrain Beauty

I saw you last night around 11:30 PM, Friday, August 19, traveling on the SkyTrain (expo line leaving downtown toward KG or PWU). We looked a few times into each other's eyes. You had your headphones on over your dark braided hair and a neck tattoo on the right side. Your smile was the cutest and most beautiful I have seen in a long time. You were sitting while I was standing with my friends, carrying a cooler box. I left at 29th Avenue Station. None of us took the opportunity to get in touch. I regret missing that chance.

When: Friday, August, 19 2022

Where: Vancouver SkyTrain (expo line)

Vegan pizza place on commercial

You were in a group of about 6 friends (all with some bikes and a skateboard) outside of the vegan pizza place on commercial drive and napier on friday around 11pm. You: brunette in black hoodie and blue shorts. Me: black t-shirt, blue shorts. You got a piece of pizza while my friend and i were waiting for our order. We checked each other out as you walked into the place but i felt it wouldve been intrusive to ask you out in front of all your pals. Just one of those things! If you see this, we could get a piece of pizza

When: Saturday, August, 20 2022

Where: Vegan pizza place on commercial

Matchstick Coffee on Main Street

Just this past Monday, near Matchstick Coffee on Main Street, you were driving an Evo and came to a stop. I was crossing the street with my dog, in my striped t-shirt and denim shorts. You wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses; I was thinking, “Wow, you have a great smile.” Thank you for waiting for me and my dog.

When: Monday, August, 15 2022

Where: Main Street

Friendly Desiner

I had to drop something off at your office in Vancouver on Monday and stayed for longer than first intended. We gave each other lots of looks and smiles, almost got caught in the process, thanks for making my day!

When: Monday, August, 15 2022

Where: Vancouver


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