Red Ballcap, Grey Sweater at bus stop on Granville

I was waiting for the bus on Granville Street around 7pm. We were the only two at the bus stop for a while. You were listening to music on your black ear buds, wearing a grey sweater, a red ball cap. We both got on the #4 Powell and you were standing in front of me for a few stops. I noticed the scent of your cologne, it was fantastic. You came and sat directly across from me at the back of the bus shortly after. I liked your look and wanted to ask what the scent was you were wearing to break the ice, and if I could take your portrait sometime (I’m a photographer) but I didn’t because I can be stupid shy in large groups of people. You got off the bus in gas town and went on your way. In the off chance you ever read this, we should hang out and go take some portraits! Message me with something I was wearing or the color of my hair, your Instagram to confirm & I’ll send you mine!

When: Saturday, May, 26 2018

Where: Vancouver - #4 Powell Bus from Granville Street to Gastown