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E.g., Aug 19 2019

We met on the West Coast Trail Aug 9-10

You were hiking from Nitinaht to Pachena with 3 high school friends from Duncan. We were camped next to each other at Michigan Creek; you sauntered into camp with a pack full of wood and you were so handsome. My group followed you all the way to the cafe in Bamfield and you gave me a hug. I've been kicking myself for not joining your campfire or even asking your name! I guess this is a long shot ... but I would love a second chance at another hug

When: Friday, August, 09 2019

Where: Pachena Bay

Canada line guy who ran for 25

You were wearing a grey gym shirt, blue eyes, blondish-brown hair. I was wearing striped peach/white shirt, brown hair. During the train ride you kept glancing over at me. We got off at King Edward and while you waited at the intersection and I was at the bus stop, we locked eyes. Then you ran for the 25. Hmu, wish we talked :/

When: Wednesday, July, 31 2019

Where: Canada Line, King Edward Station

Acadia Beach - We Enjoyed The Sunset - C & T

Was a beautiful night at acadia beach as you two approached me. We had a super memorable sunset to say the least! You are a M/F couple with the initials C & T. Are you out there?

When: Sunday, July, 28 2019

Where: Acadia Beach - Vancouver

N19 (Highgate area) girl

You (wearing glasses) were in the N19 bus and got down at Hall Avenue. I was initially walking ahead, waiting at the lights. I (white pants) wanted to ask you out but refrained from doing so at that time of the night. It was a missed opportunity but now I'd like to make up for it. Would you like to go out for coffee with me?

When: Saturday, August, 10 2019

Where: Edmonds and Hall Avenue

Mumford and Sons show

Your name is Shauna, you are Irish, and a teacher, and you were there with your brother. I work in social work and am in school. I thought you were so lovely and fun and awesome, and I so wish I had asked you for your number. If you see this, I’d love to hang out and get to know you better <3

When: Wednesday, August, 07 2019

Where: BC place

Beautiful smile, awkward car2go, Friday, Aug. 9th Granville/Davie

Admittedly an anachronistic means of contact, but I can't stop thinking about you. You flashed the most beautiful smile as you passed me walking my dog on Granville today. I smiled back, but was speechless. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw you a few minutes later in a car2go with a friend - that smile again! I stopped so you could make the turn, but my smitten brain only made the situation awkward. If you’d allow me the pleasure, i’d love to properly introduce myself over a drink.

When: Friday, August, 09 2019

Where: Granville at Davie

Burgundy babe at second beach pool!

I got to second beach yesterday 8th at around 3.45pm. I was with my sister and 2 nephews and we set up in the corner of the grass section. This is when I noticed you just across. You were with 2 other ladies, I'm guessing a sister and mother? You were wearing a burgundy red bikini, you have some tattoos on your left arm and I think you had turquoise nails. I just wanted to tell you that you are a total babe and I couldn't help looking over at you lol. The 2 ladies left and you stayed for a bit before putting on white shorts and leaving yourself around 6ish. I wouldn't mind hitting that vape pen lol?

When: Thursday, August, 08 2019

Where: Second beach pool

Tattooed & Leggy on Nanaimo, Punky with Chunky Dyed Bangs

You were crossing First at Nanaimo in short shorts, sexy tattooed legs for days. Hair cut in chunky bangs dyed something cyan-magenta. I'm the full-sleeved beard-o in black tee, dark hair and dark Ray-Bans driving the white delivery van. You rubber-necked, all come-hither. First, crossing in front, then looking back again... then once more as I waited on your strut, crossing Nanaimo. We ogled each other five times. Give me another look. I'm your type. You're definitely mine.

When: Thursday, August, 08 2019

Where: Nanaimo at 1st Ave

Eavesdropping at Meet

You were having lunch with a friend at the table next to me and my friend, looking beautiful in a black dress on a hot summer day. I could tell you and your friend were eavesdropping on our conversation - I was the one babbling on about my PhD research and music. Would love to chat with you if you were interested in what I was saying. Of course, there is always the chance that you overheard and thought I was thoroughly pretentious!

When: Friday, August, 02 2019

Where: Meet in Gastown

The alibi room

Tennyson! I’m sorry I had to leave abruptly. I realized later that I have no way to get in touch with you. Coffee?

When: Wednesday, August, 07 2019

Where: Alibi room


So tempted...

I see the advertisement at the bus stop: a $10 bucket of KFC popcorn chicken. That was always the...

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