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E.g., Dec 10 2019

Superstore on Dec 02..

You were tall and had a perfect jaw line. I was wearing red plaid and carrying around way too much Kraft Dinner than I’d like to admit. You were talk, had a backwards hat, wearing black, and dropped a ton of twist ties everywhere. I should’ve said hi. I’m shy. Wanna hang?

When: Monday, December, 02 2019

Where: Superstore, grandville highway and Rupert


You came to tow my car to the shop but realized I just needed a new battery and called for one to be delivered. I was disheveled and too shy to flirt with you, I really regret that.

When: Monday, December, 02 2019

Where: East 8th Ave

Sock Advice

We were both buying socks at MEC and you asked me for advice on hiking socks. I gave you my insider tips on the cheaper but just as good options. I was with my nephew, but I wish I’d had more time to chat/give you more info on the many sock options. Coffee some time?

When: Wednesday, November, 27 2019

Where: MEC Vancouver

This evening on the Seabus

You were wearing a long pink coat and had long dark hair. We sat on the bow of the Seabus. We caught each other's eyes at the terminal. I wish I said something to you.

When: Tuesday, November, 26 2019

Where: Seabus

Hopscotch PNE Forum

I introduced myself to you and your friend and I embarrassingly told you how stunning you were. I've never felt propelled to tell a stranger that before and I regret saying goodbye so quickly. There can be so many reasons why you didn't pursue anything further, but I just want you to know I would love to see you again.

When: Saturday, November, 23 2019

Where: Hopscotch PNE Forum

Frills at Frills

You: neck tattoos and probably many more; long black coat; red facial hair; incredible smile. Me: gobsmacked, couldn’t keep my eyes off you; black toque; ripped blue trousers. I should have slipped you my number.

When: Friday, November, 22 2019

Where: No Frills West End

Talking about plants - bus stop at Turks Cafe

I pulled up next to you on a bike as you were waiting for the bus on Commercial near Turks on a rainy Saturday afternoon. We talked about plants that you bought until my friend showed up. There was certainly a spark in the air and I so wished I would have asked for your number before the bus took you away. Let's meet again and go plant shopping!

When: Saturday, November, 16 2019

Where: Bus stop on commercial near Turks cafe

FUSE Art Gallery

We were at FUSE. Made eye contact a couple times as I walked by in the Art Bar. Both Busy in conversation with friends but should have spoken up and at least said hi. Hope to see you around other art events.

When: Friday, November, 22 2019

Where: Art Gallery

Railway Club, sitting at the bar

I was with a group when I looked down the bar and saw you sitting with your male friend. I think you may have noticed me staring, because you came and hovered behind me by the window while waiting for your friend in the bathroom. You have a long dark peacoat and medium blondish hair. I think I detected an accent? By the time I worked up my courage to talk to you, you left. I'd love to grab a drink with you sometime.

When: Saturday, November, 23 2019

Where: Railway Club, Vancouver


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