Blue suit/ floral tie...

You were an absolute heartthrob in your suit. I'm uncertain as to whether or not the woman who was with you is your girlfriend, or who she is (fingers crossed she's a friend, maybe a family member?). I happened to see you again, with a handful of people in the courtyard taking photos, I panicked as I wanted to say hello. In any case, I had my eyes on you during the convocation, when I could see you of course. I couldn't refrain from staring at your defiantly gorgeous dark brown eyes, they left me with so many questions... and here I find myself laying in bed for the second night, halted, staring at my ceiling dreaming that I could beg you to gaze upon me with those heavy eyes. For now I can only pretend what the conversation may be like, but if you too felt as if you had shared an absolutely mesmerizing gaze with someone, I'm writing to tell you it has to be me. In the off chance you caught me drooling over you, I'm the shorter, dirty blonde, who may have been drooling at you. With love, lust, and more... this stunned little girl is waiting for you.

When: Tuesday, June, 12 2018

Where: SFU Burnaby Mountain - Grad Convocation