Folk fest

We danced to Ry Cooder, the last set at the Vancouver folk festival. You: petite, shapely, gorgeous, tanned, brown hair and eyes, I think. British accent? Gold nose ring, head scarf sometimes, laces, tights and leather. Totally sexy but in a sort of introverted sense. You seemed to be in a beautiful state, dancing intimately within yourself. Me: blue bandana and pants and white dress shirt thoroughly enjoying myself in unusual extroverted fashion. I had a little girl on my shoulders often and I said watch out for that old man when you got bumped. I wasn't sure if you were into me and I didn't want t to make you uncomfortable especially in such an enjoyable experience but I would've loved to get to know you. You were tentatively dancing with me and joining our fun dance circle. I threw the cards into the ethers when I went for much needed water, and the show just ending on my return, you were gone. Never done this before! Trying to get dealt another hand. Connect with a unique Canadian? On any level?

When: Sunday, July, 15 2018

Where: Vancouver folk festival Ry Cooder, right side of stage near the wall