Jurassic World seated side by side

I was already seated at the movie, Jurassic World 3:55pm showing, eating popcorn, wearing white Keds. You sat down in the empty seat to my left after the movie had just barely started and it was dark. There were some women a few seats down from us to the right making loud and funny exclamations throughout the movie that made me giggle separately from the giggles the movie elicited. You may have giggled a little about them too. They were hard not to giggle about. At the end of the movie I wanted to say hello, as we had somehow seemed to share space in the theatre. We had randomly shared a weird Jurassic World experience together; who wouldn't say hi after that? If nothing else to just comment on it? But I froze. I had had a really terrible day prior, hence partly why I went to Jurassic World at 4pm on a Saturday. It felt abnormal, awkward, that I said nothing. Usually I would have been able to say something, anything! But all I could say after gathering my belongings was "excuse me, sorry" as I passed you to leave. Redo?

When: Saturday, August, 18 2018

Where: Jurassic World, 3:55pm, Cineplex Odeon International Village Theatre