You with your chestnut brown hair, white untanned skin, polo shirt and sexy khaki pants were standing on the log with your Dad I think waching Mens Final Voleyball at Kitsfest. I go up from the bleachers twice and saw you both times except this time you stepped off the log turned as you were leaving to catch up with your Dad and took a long glance at me. We locked eyes for a moment and my heart dropped because you were leaving. I was wearing white sunglasses and shirt with black capris and my green jacket wrapped around my waist matching my converse shoes. I stayed until 630pm hoping you hD come back to watch baskeball final between Kits beach and Van city. You didnt. By the way Van city won thanks to Stephen Currys lookalike and mates.

When: Monday, August, 13 2018

Where: Kitsilano Beach