saw you @ crazy rich asians movie

yesterday I spent all day with my nana for her 90th bday went for long walks fed lil birds and squirrels the whole shebang at stanley park grabbed lunch in the north shore and movies @ park and tillford she wanted to see the crazy rich asians movie **my nana traveled around asia and one of her fave places happen to be singapore lol**lets get down to the bizz....i saw you waiting in line for cinema foods with ur gf hopin ya turn didnt lolcouldn’t help but secretly admire you **checked you out -cough cough- lol** you and ur gf went to see the same movie. I saw you and her walk down and sat in the furthest right end section row 16 from the screen two seats closest to the aisle passageway. We sat far back row closest to the exit wished my nana didnt pick those seats lol i was easily diverted by you felt like I missed most of what went on with the movie ....end credits rolled by we stayed till the very end saw you and ur gf get up to leave without watchin the bonus scene **yes!!there was a bonus scene with the dude from glee and astrid** as soon as the bonus scene ended me and nana left for the car and suddenly saw you and the gf get into ur little gray or silver car drove off sighhhh just wanna say that I think ur really cute .good looking as a matter of fact....nice arms btw lol and hope to see ya again! YOU-buff asian in late 20s slicked pompadour undercut kinda hair **hairs on fleek btw**muscly with nice big arms with tattooes on ur left arm wearing gray tee with black athletic vest and blue jeans gold watch THE GF-brunette chick wearin black shirt gray athletic pants gray sketchers shoes **I have the same ones lol** sketchers rock!! ME-dirty blond hair chick with blue eyes and dorky black rim glasses lol teal flannel shirt black tights white reebok me if you ever wanna chill....even as friends ....just wanna say you have an admirer I think ur really cute!!’ impressive arms btw they look yummerzzz **woah I sound like a thirsty high schooler**llol you and ur gf are a cute couple and am jealous in a good way!’! cheers

When: Saturday, August, 18 2018

Where: cineplex odeon @ park and tillford