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E.g., Jul 21 2019

J from Montreal

You were heading for the West Coast Trail, and I was heading for the Juan de Fuca. We swapped a few stories on route, as I tried to avoid motion sickness. The timing of my stop caught me by surprise. Next time I would suggest a hike when you're next in town.

When: Friday, July, 12 2019

Where: Victoria

Stripes Attract Stripes

You and your friend were sitting outside Blenz in Olympic Village, you were wearing a green & white striped shirt and had a big smile on your face. I was also wearing stripes and a smile when I passed with my two friends (who were matching in black & denim). I definitely did not wait long enough before saying "that guy in the stripes is really cute" so I can only assume you heard. What I should have done is stopped to say hello so instead I'm writing my first ever I Saw You... just in case.

When: Thursday, July, 18 2019

Where: Outside Blenz in Olympic Village

Terminal Auto Wash

My vacuum cycle ending and you ask me if I won. I found it cute that you created a race in vacuuming your car. Wish I could have chatted with you more!

When: Tuesday, July, 16 2019

Where: Shine Auto Wash

Punk in Drublic, sky train home

We were both on the sky train coming back from Punk in Drublic. I made fun of how burnt your arm was. You invited me to Steel and Oak, then to the Terminal pub after. I said I had to go back home to walk my dogs. I should’ve asked for your number before you got off at New West station. Still down to grab a beer?

When: Saturday, July, 13 2019

Where: New westminster

Beautiful Dirty Blonde Canada Day Kits Beach Babe!

You’re a Beautiful, voluptuous, tanned Babe with thick, dirty blonde hair. You had a leopard print tube top bikini on, big hoop earrings. I’m the well-muscled Man You made fun of for having such a small towel Say hello if you see this!

When: Monday, July, 01 2019

Where: Kits Beach, Canada Day

Cute girl with blonde hair and fancy purse with her friend

I saw you drinking with your friend in front of the bar. You have blonde hair and your friend was brown I believe? You checked me out. I checked you out. I never got a chance to talk to you. You looked so petite and fine. You had a gucci purse or something. Hit me!

When: Thursday, July, 11 2019

Where: Fancy bar near Vancouver Central Library


I was by Trader Joe's you were in a black Porsche wearing glasses and blue eyes and you stopped to get my attention to let me know that my coat was hanging outside my car door. Leila

When: Wednesday, July, 10 2019

Where: Bellingham

Smile and knowing nod.

Waiting at the light I first noticed the nice car then I caught you checking yourself in the mirror. Eventually you looked my way and smiled. When you left the light turning left another smile and a nod. Made my trip... Oddly I was going to go the same way but changed my mind. Drinks and some car talk?

When: Friday, July, 12 2019

Where: 152 and 176th.

Tall brunette + tall brunette @ Bird + Beets

I see you at bird and the beets and at di beppe eating lunch alone. I want to say hi but I am shy and you are not an object. Instead, I keep walking and look at the ground.

When: Thursday, July, 11 2019

Where: Birds + Beets / Di Beppe

Ken at Surrey Pride

My husband and I were at Surrey Pride with our dog. You stopped and chatted with us for a bit. We would love to continue the conversation. If you would too, reply and tell us what you were doing there.

When: Saturday, June, 29 2019

Where: Surrey Pride


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