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E.g., Feb 24 2020

Liquor Store

Noticed you at the check out. I walked past and saw you looking my way. I quickly got what I needed and got in the same check out line. I looked over and you were glancing my way. I said Hi and you answered Hi back but you had just finished paying for your large pack of light beer. There was a customer in between us. Hard to chat. If you remember would like to meet up for a coffee.

When: Friday, February, 21 2020

Where: Robson Street Liquor

Looking for a non-chain cafe near Burrard station

I was waiting to cross the road on the corner of Granville St and Dunsmuir St. You came up to me and asked if I knew if there were any quiet cafes nearby. We found a Starbucks and a Tim Hortons before I pointed at a non-chain cafe across the road in the Pacific Centre. You then asked me if I wanted to have a coffee and I said maybe another time. I'm really sorry, you caught me off guard. If you do read this, I would be interested in having a coffee sometime.

When: Saturday, February, 22 2020

Where: Corner of Granville and Dunsmuir Sts

TD Bank - Cathy?

I think your name's Cathy and you work at TD. I find your demeanour kind and inviting. You're also very pretty. I bumped into an old acquaintance in line today and we shared a hug. Drop me a line for a beverage? -From the black leather biker jacket, band t-shirt, grey toque clad human being who was helped by another.

When: Saturday, February, 22 2020

Where: TD Bank Main and 18th

City square area

Tall, black hair, black leather jacket, with a heavy accent. I see you also left late work late tonight. Say hi.

When: Friday, February, 21 2020

Where: west 11th and 12th - City square

Commercial to Production Way, Catching glances?

Hi, I'm not sure if i'm reading more in to this than it actually was: I got to the skytrain platform and you stood next to me at commercial. I could feel you staring, I think. You were flipping through your phone. You: -Navy hat with a blue embroidered tiger, seems like it was a sports logo -Black double breasted peacoat -Collared shirt -Dark pants, slightly tapered -Dark shoes with some red detail Your hair was a bit long! Very handsome fellow. We seemed to catch a few glances on the train and you got off at production way university. I wasn't sure if you were taken and I didn't want to be overbearing by saying hello but I did make sure to smile. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

When: Thursday, February, 20 2020

Where: Millennium Line

You punched me in the face

rush hour, skytrain sardine can, we were shoved in. your hand flew up and punched me in the face, you then held my face and apologized. I thought it was cute, I thought you were cute. but there was too many people around. holler at me.

When: Wednesday, February, 19 2020

Where: main & terminal skytrain station

you were sitting next to me at The Pint

I was alone and you were with a friend. It’s the pint so obviously we kept knocking elbows. I thought we were gonna keep apologizing to each other until we died. Eventually you asked me about the game and we exchanged sports notes or lack thereof. A while later you asked me about the spreadsheet I was looking at but I wasn’t quivk enough in the moment to respond well given I hate spreadsheets. That was the end of our encounter and you proceeded to move a seat away. Though maybe we had a good thing going though and I liked our exchange. You were pretty engrossed in your friends conversation (reasonably so) and so I left it at that.

When: Wednesday, February, 19 2020

Where: The Pint

Park Royal Whole Foods

You: handsome 6ftish man with young son. Me: Hawaiian woman. I was lined up behind you at the till with the chatty and friendly cashier. I felt like there was mutual attraction there? Let me know.

When: Sunday, February, 16 2020

Where: Park Royal Whole Foods

Fat tug purchase

You were walking behind me and we entered KINGSGATE mall. You were wearing a beige hate, dressed in black, nice beard - slightly salt and pepper, with your head phones on. We made eye contact and You just seem lovely. We went into the liquor store. You bought a big bottle of Fat Tug, my fave beer. I bought wine. We went up the stairs and you went into Buy Low. I’m blond, had glasses and a long black coat. I wanted to follow you and talk about vegetables but I’m a bit shy. Would love to share a Fat Tug with you.

When: Tuesday, February, 18 2020

Where: KINGSGATE mall

Ginger beard and doggos

You were walking your two dogs in the morning. Wearing a green toque and flannel. You had a large fluffy black and tan dog and a smaller brindle dog. I think you're real cute and I wanna touch your butt.

When: Saturday, February, 15 2020

Where: Pandora


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