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E.g., Apr 20 2019

Ice Col Dreams

You waiting in line at matchstick Chinatown then crossing the street in shades, me post boxing workout talking with my friend at high top and then on sidewalk. Felt like you saw me too, felt good, let’s more?

When: Friday, April, 19 2019

Where: Chinatown

You showed me the very best pie

I was shopping at IGA on Blundell, in Richmond. You saw I could not make up my mind. You showed me the very best pie. I wish I could eat it with you.

When: Thursday, April, 18 2019

Where: IGA on Blundell, in Richmond, in the bakery.

Server at Gerard Lounge

You’re a server at the Gerard Lounge in the Sutton Place Hotel. You’re tall, brunette, and a total knockout. You look great in those little dresses you wear. I’m usually in with coworkers so it seems awkward to ask you out, but I would love to take you for dinner and get to know you better. You recently became a flight attendant so I don’t see you there as much. I order Maker’s on the rocks.

When: Saturday, April, 13 2019

Where: Gerard Lounge

Parthenon Greek Market

You were a tall redhead with a septum ring and I was a short girl with a shaved head and a red headband working till. You complimented my septum jewelry and we had a quick conversation about where I bought it before you had to go.

When: Friday, November, 30 2018

Where: Parthenon Greek Market in Kitsilano

August burns red

To the cool bartender that gave me a band recommendation. Not sure if you read these but I wanted to say thanks. I really like the sound of this band. Specifically the song Laniakea.

When: Saturday, April, 13 2019

Where: Moxie's bar and grill (Davie)

tall handsome artist

you're an artist at heart but for awhile you worked in a kitchen. I did more dishes that year than I've done in my whole life. "Finally, the veil is lifted" you said when I bashfully admitted a dream I'd had about you. We got one night, it had to be enough. Seeing you awhile ago was wonderful. We are both somewhat happily married (well, I always was) so I have no expectations. Just wanted you to know - I still think of you.

When: Friday, March, 01 2019

Where: the morrissey

Hottie with a racist dog

You were wearing a light grey sweater with a baseball cap and yoga pants as you bumped into my group. Some of my dogs chased off yours, and then you told me about your dogs hatred of poodles. You are a vision, being around you was disorienting and I wish I had said more. I gathered myself and backtracked to find you but you were long gone. If you're open to a younger guy, game for a doggy date?

When: Tuesday, April, 16 2019

Where: St. Marys/Powerline trail

You liked my purse!

You told me you liked my bag and we chatted a bit about how I’d just moved over from Sydney, AU! You were super nice but I didn’t have the guts to get your number. Message me if this was you xo

When: Monday, April, 15 2019

Where: Starbucks Cambie & 8th

Gear check hail storm

We were both trying to navigate our way through the gear check chaos during the hail storm post sun run. You mentioned what a bad idea it was to bring your generic black bag and I was having the same issue. We chatted a little and you saw the table and said hopefully our bags were there and not on the ground. Lost you after that but felt a bit of a spark and would have enjoyed continuing the conversation. I hope you found your bag!

When: Sunday, April, 14 2019

Where: Sun run gear check tent

Girl with the red nail polish

You. Brown jacket, skateboard and red nail polish. Me. Sleepy in the back seat, probably smelling like cigarettes and sex. Looked up to see you sitting in front of me. Definitely wanted to tell you you're a babe. We got off at the same stop. Maybe see you around the hood?

When: Saturday, April, 13 2019

Where: #6 bus, got off on Davie st


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