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E.g., Jun 25 2019

Chau Veggie Express

You were in line at Chau Veggie in Granville Island with your mom who I think was named Sally. You were wearing white pants and a dark blue shirt.

When: Saturday, May, 11 2019

Where: Granville Island

Cute dog

You- hockey mullet, tattoos for days, killer smile, and adorable dog with a treat in her mouth. Me-blonde bombshell, about 1 inch taller than you. Its a long shot, but it’s all that I got. Wanna grab a Nütrl sometime?

When: Wednesday, May, 01 2019

Where: West Blvd

Manny! You remembered my name

I was speechless that you remembered me and forked out for a minute (according to my friend). I had a big crush on you when I was in school. Would you want to go out sometime? Tell me something about tonight if you do

When: Friday, May, 10 2019

Where: UBC

April 24th red-eye to YYZ

We drank wine at the Airport waiting for our flight to Toronto. We connected on some similar experiences and I meant to grab your number after the flight to get you back for the drink but we didn't cross paths afterwards. Hope you made it to your connecting flight to the bachelor party!

When: Wednesday, April, 24 2019

Where: YVR

Paws'ed in tiniest meadow

You: cutie with a furry patootie who refused to move while I continued down the path towards you. Me: horribly confused at the obscene amount of cuteness in front of me. We were on a path amidst many little red flowers and the birds were very chatty. Thank you for sharing humour with me and the pupper, the brief meeting delighted my day. I've some more humour to share back if you'll indulge me with a cup of tea.

When: Wednesday, May, 08 2019

Where: False Creek under Cambie st bridge


Slim,long wavy haired brunette in leather motorcycle jacket. When hearing of my costly brake woes, you said” that’s money well spent” You sweet and sexy nature made an impression! Like to know more. Coffee? Drink?Motorcycle Ride?

When: Friday, May, 03 2019


North Van Cleaner?

we saw each other a couple times... you walking down the hill and i am always walking up... i looked back and you were looking at me... how i wish i could see you more... and i live very very close to where you work i guess

When: Monday, May, 06 2019

Where: you know where and if u read this one i will know is u

Dressing for a funeral

This was last week . We were both wearing a black. You had a jacket on that looked too warm for the weather, and platform shoes. You said hi, and I said hey. We should talk more next time

When: Wednesday, May, 01 2019

Where: Granville street

Eye Contact & A Smile

I miss your half smile. It was the best part of my day. You wear a navy blue quilted jacket with a black umbrella and work somewhere on West Broadway. I need your energy in my life. Hope to pass by you soon V.

When: Friday, May, 03 2019

Where: Maple and West Broadway


Sorry for splashing you

To the young adult with the grey jacket and light blue umbrella that I splashed at Boundary &...


Savage Love: Detachment addresses psychodramas

Being so attuned to other people’s emotional states that you feel their pain—being an empath—sounds exhausting.

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