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E.g., Jan 19 2020

I saw you at Costco in Langley

Passing by the freezer section far right of store. You army green coat, short perfect hair steel blue eyes. I couldn’t look away. Me all black with fur collar long black hair. Our eyes locked. I would live to know what you were staring at. I was transfixed by your beauty.

When: Sunday, January, 19 2020

Where: Costco in Langley

Bald head, nice smile, international village cinema

Me: black hoodie, coral scarf looking for my friend after we saw a movie You: bald man about to go into a movie? We made eye contact and you smiled at me. It was a nice smile and a nice smile. I'm curious.

When: Saturday, January, 18 2020

Where: International Village Cineplex

Hellos and smiles in the freezer section

You were wearing a toque and had nice eyes. I was dressed full west coast in black leggings, puffer vest and check shirt, and I'd just got my (strawberry blonde) hair cut so it was looking goooood. You said hi to me in the freezer section and we smiled at eachother in the condiment aisle. I was hoping to run into you in produce, but didn't see you again.

When: Saturday, January, 18 2020

Where: IGA (4th and Collingwood)

I saw you in the skytrain

I saw you in the skytrain, you caught my attention and I couldn't stop looking at you. We took the same 99 bus. You had a black backpack and I guess an yellow jacket. We smiled at each other when you left the bus. I wonder if we could go for a walk ... :)

When: Friday, January, 17 2020

Where: Skytraing

In Between the Lines

I met you on the platform during the chaos last night. I was the short shy asian guy wearing the khaki jacket. You were also an asian girl wearing a long dark coat, and a tuque with some writing on it with some sort of symbol of a flower. We waited for about an hour while several trains went by. We were in an impromptu group that formed waiting for a newer model train to meet us right on the spot we took where the doors would open. I said it would be worth it since we would be the first ones in while the rest of the sheep ran to and fro to get to the train doors. We laughed at the fact that despite our efforts, several older trains passed. None of them had doors facing where we were standing. We couldn't win. You commented about your travel problems at Newark Airport in Jersey and how you barely made your connection once. I talked about the chaos at LAX airport. You jumped on a train once when there was a spot, but suddenly, you jumped off saying it wasn't the train you were trying to catch. You were trying to get to Brentwood. I knew that, despite that, any train out of downtown would just work, and you could've switched around Columbia Station where there would be no crowds. So, we waited for a bit longer. We talked on about missing our meet ups with friends, and how we all wanted to get home. You joked about how at this point, you might be seeing your coworkers who get off at 6, and a friend who might've been stuck at Commercial-Broadway station since no trains would be stopping there. Finally, you managed to get a spot on a train after about an hour of waiting, but I couldn't get on. You then suggested to try to squeeze in, but I couldn't make it. Before I could ask your name, the doors closed, and all I could blurt out was a "good luck." You were a kind soul with a beautiful laugh, and in that brief interlude between the spaces and connections in our daily lives, there was a warmth there. I'd like to meet you again and laugh and complain about transit over a coffee sometime if you ever see this. Maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to make it to our destinations where ever that may be.

When: Thursday, January, 16 2020

Where: Burrard Skytrain Station - Eastbound Platform

I was passing glances at you on the R5

It was 11 am, and I got on the Rapid Bus on Gilmore and that's when I saw you. You were very tall- you were wearing a brown jacket, had lovely long hair and the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen. I'm not sure if you were looking at me, but I gave you a smile. I was wearing a black hoodie with a green overcoat.

When: Friday, January, 17 2020

Where: Hastings Street, Hythe

Richmond Dyke

I was on my Ebike riding in the snow on the Dyke in Richmond Thursday afternoon you were beautiful woman that started amazing conversation about bike riding in the snow and ebikes, would love to continue that conversation

When: Thursday, January, 16 2020

Where: Richmond Dyke

Warm and fuzzy

Me: red winter jacket with hood and patterned scarf. You: Gold rimmed glasses, blond hair and a killer smile. We crossed paths on the sidewalk. You smiled warmly and I swear you could've melted all the snow. I smiled back and moved aside to let you pass. I wished I'd said hi. Tea?

When: Wednesday, January, 15 2020

Where: King Ed

We were both riding bus #5 and got off at Haro

Hey! I was in a blue coat and shoulder length hair, you were wearing all black, G and B. I looked at you and felt something in my stomach, you looked at me shyly. We both tried to pull the string but the stop sign didn’t work. I wanted to talk to you but was too dumbfounded. Let’s get a drink and see how things go.

When: Wednesday, January, 15 2020

Where: Denman Street


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