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E.g., Aug 12 2020

Delivering a big box on Cordova St

I was coming from the gym, pushing my bike as I was busy on a video call. You were waiting outside of 22 East Cordova, at the Van Horne. We were both dresses in black. I noticed you looking at me, so I replied with the biggest smile. I should have stopped and said "hi". If you see this, text me. It'd be nice to have such handsome reason to smile to again.

When: Tuesday, August, 11 2020

Where: 22 East Cordova (Van Horne)

Quick interaction on your way to sunbathing

We spoke briefly this afternoon as you were heading out to go sunbathing. I was wearing kahki's and a striped blue and white t-shirt, heading west. I agreed that what you were showing me was real. I would like to continue the conversation if you are interested.

When: Monday, August, 10 2020

Where: broadway and cypress

mysterious water nymph at cypress falls

i dragged my hungover friends to go swimming at a childhood spot i hadn't been in over a decade. they stayed on the rocks, but I explored upstream and found you walking over the stones in your magnificent splendor. We shared an awkward wave, and I left you alone. I came back again with a friend hoping you would have friends and be more approachable, but it didn't seem right to disrupt your forest meditation. You were so incredibly lovely as you moved over the rock and water. If you'd like to get to know a fellow heathen, please reach out...

When: Sunday, August, 09 2020

Where: cypress falls, west vancouver

casually beautiful

Blonde hair in a ponytail, casually dressed in jeans and Blundstones and carrying a black back pack. I appreciate the eye candy :)

When: Thursday, August, 06 2020

Where: Buy Low Foods Kingsgate Mall

66 ACRES 8th main st

This is super weird to post on here.. I couldnt stop thinking about the eye contact that was made when you were seated at the bar. Shoulder length brown hair and you were with your friend. I have long dark curly hair and I was waiting for to get into the washroom at the time we made eye contact. When I left I looked over and you were still staring.. I should have made a move but ya know its covid.. this was last weekend on Saturday.

When: Saturday, August, 01 2020

Where: 66 acres brwery

Looking for Lucky

Our eyes met at the Granville Island dock and it seemed like there was instant chemistry. I gave you a lift on m boat and you gave me smoked salmon. I've been kicking myself for not asking for your number.

When: Wednesday, August, 05 2020

Where: Granville Island

You helped me, I want to dat...thank you!

I was riding my mountain bike and you were on a road bike. I was stopped on Fern St in North Van looking at my phone. You asked if I was lost and I kinda was. You led me to Spirit Trail which was amazing. I wish I had asked you for your contact but I choked, I hope you see this now.

When: Wednesday, August, 05 2020

Where: Fern st/ hwy 1

Girl on #25

You are most likely Brazilian, with wavy blond hair, and were with a friend that you sat at the front of the bus with. You had a big Home Sense bag. We smiled a few times. I should have gotten off that bus to get your number when you did. That smile of yours is sooo nice.

When: Thursday, August, 06 2020

Where: #25 Bus Kingsway

August Long Weekend at Wreck

I think you have your last name tattooed on your side. We physically bumped into each other and I couldn’t get over how soft your skin was. You winked at me and I melted. I hope to bump into you again soon ;)

When: Saturday, August, 01 2020

Where: Wreck Beach

Wish I asked you out! @Cambie JJ bean

You were sitting on the JJ bean patio on your laptop when I walked in for my daily coffee. You had your blonde hair up, in a T and shorts, ankle socks and sneakers. I was wearing a white crop top and green shorts, hair in a pony tail, reading my book on the pop up patio. I noticed you right away (cuz my gaydar was ringing off the hook) and started to work up the courage to ask your number - was just about to come up and talk to you but you packed up and left before I had a chance! If you see this, maybe stick around longer next time?

When: Wednesday, August, 05 2020



I am sort of worried about the future

I just read about an 83 year old cleaning buildings to help support herself... Not in Canada......


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