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E.g., Sep 22 2019

I saw you walk into Sunrise Market today

I was standing in line with my order , Then you walked in around 1:00-1:15 pm abouts.We exchanged glances after a few moments and I smiled a bit. The lady you were with was asking if they had any pepperoni for sale, unfortunately they did not. You have long black hair and were wearing a purple top, I was the tall guy with a mohawk wearing a leather jacket blue jeans and brown shoes . I would like to take you out on a date one day, because there is something about you that intrigued my interest :)

When: Saturday, September, 21 2019

Where: Sunrise Market cashier line up~Powell st

Beautiful Smile on the 240

I didn't notice you until we were across the bridge where it was standing room only and still pretty crowded. When a couple people got up and we were about to sit across from each other, you shot me an unexpectedly huge smile -- the kind of smile you'd give to a friend that you haven't seen in forever. I was trying to figure out whether we've met before, so I might have looked a bit confused when I smiled back. Even if you were just happy to take a seat, you have a wonderful and bright smile and it really made my day!

When: Thursday, September, 19 2019

Where: 240 to North Vancouver

246 to D-town

You were on the 246 to D-town at 5pm. Yup. I said D-town. You: denim jacket and blundstones w/funky socks and a twinkle in your eye. You were reading a book. Me: Dressed in scrubs. Purple pants, grey shirt and a denim over shirt. Let’s grab coffee? Or better yet, a hazy IPA.

When: Thursday, September, 19 2019

Where: 246 downtown

Vital encounter on the 99

We were sitting on the bus—you, in the back row, facing forward, reading The Straight. My friend and I were sitting to your left, conversing loudly. We glanced at each other a few times. You have long hair and knitted socks. I was looking 90s Gap in a white sweatshirt and khakis. I lamented my dry spell to my friend. As you got off, somewhere in Kitsilano, you reassured me of my lasting vitality. Want to talk about sex with me?

When: Wednesday, September, 18 2019

Where: On the Eastbound 99 bus from UBC

#16 Arbutus Bus

We traded glances and then you stared at me intently from the front of the bus. You saw me fiddling with my light blue shirt. You then walked past me and I smiled at you as you left the bus. If you happen to see this, specify at which street you got off the bus. I wish we could have chatted, but I had an event to catch.

When: Wednesday, September, 18 2019

Where: Arbutus Street

Winners Downtown - Monday Sept 16

You are an Asian woman, under 30 I think - We locked eyes briefly as you completed your purchase at Winners on Monday night around 8pm - I was in the white guy, black hair in the blue trench coat - drop me a line if you want to chat and see if there is something here...

When: Monday, September, 16 2019

Where: Winners - Granville St

Canada Line check out

I was on the train clearly going to work for one of Canada’s major airlines in my uniform. I was standing near the door to stay out of the way with my bags and you and I kept locking eyes even as the train filled. This lasted for about 20 minutes. I was about to give you my number, as we got closer to YVR but then all of a sudden you got off at Bridgeport and I missed my chance. You’re tall and handsome. Probably 6’3”. Dirty blonde hair and greying a little on the sides. Maybe you’re late 30’s? You had a short sleeve button up shirt on. When you got off we locked once eyes more as you slung a black duffle bag up on your shoulder.

When: Monday, September, 16 2019

Where: Waterfront Station - Canada Line

Lakers Hat LAX

Hello Beautiful! I passed you by the small kiosk; it was brief but there were sparks. I looked for you by the baggage carousel and wish I had said something earlier. Can I take you out?

When: Monday, September, 16 2019

Where: LAX Near Terminal 68A

Soulmate From A Past Life

I told you I loved you too and that's all that matters. Our encounter was short but sweet. I met you on my first day at a new job. You saw my handwriting when I wrote my name on my business card. You asked me if I was an artist. We kissed in the backseat of your car and I lost my earring at some point too. I hope you'll find my earring and come find me.

When: Monday, September, 16 2019

Where: Kerrisdale


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