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E.g., Jan 19 2019

I saw you in Hub Bub

You were standing next to me in the waiting line. We shared a few glances but then your order came and you left before I could start a conversation. You were this cute, blonde girl with the brown coat and the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. I was the tall guy with the curly hair. I would love to see you again to find out

When: Wednesday, January, 16 2019

Where: 420 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2B7

South African at Main Station

I was waiting for a train and you commented that with my empty duffel bag it looked like I was going to commit a robbery. We chatted and joked for a little bit while waiting for the train and I learned you were from South Africa. The train arrived but I went through a different door than you because I thought there might not be room. You made my morning and I’d love to hear about some of the crazy shit you said you’d seen in SA. Maybe over a drink?

When: Friday, January, 18 2019

Where: Main Street Skytrain station

Exchanged looks on the bus

I saw you on the 100 bus this afternoon. I was the blond in the blue jacket, you were also blond, wearing a black coat and white shoes with a red stripe. We exchanged looks a couple of times, and now I'm regretting not trying to talk to you. Hmu if you feel the same!

When: Thursday, January, 17 2019

Offered you my umbrella

Met you at a rally... you’re working on your PhD... thought you were cool maybe we should get a coffee ?

When: Wednesday, January, 17 2018

Where: Downtown

You were on your bicycle. I was on mine.

You were riding north from the library. We crossed paths. You gave me a smile that was big and warm and felt like a kiss. Then we rode away from each other.

When: Wednesday, January, 16 2019

Where: North of the Richmond Public Library

JJ on Commercial

You bagged up my beans and made my tea this afternoon. I thought you were charming & adorable. Maybe we can go bowling?

When: Wednesday, January, 16 2019

Kind-faced man on the bus tonight

We got on and off the bus at the same stops. You were wearing dark blue suede shoes, and I a red scarf. We shared a few glances. I don't know why, but I'd like to know more about you. Respond with the bus number and a brief description of me, if you feel the same way.

When: Monday, January, 14 2019

Bowie Ball Bartender

You were the bartender wearing a touque and hoodie at the Bowie Ball Saturday night. I'm 99% sure you were just being a friendly bartender because I was giving decent tips. But on the slim chance you weren't and the even slimmer chance you see this - I was the short chubby blonde buying too many Hey Y'alls (embarrassing for a 27 year old). I had asked for a regular and a peach but you ran out of peach. The next time I came by you made sure to tell me you found more peach and asked how I was enjoying the show. I was pretty sauced by then but still didn't have the balls to elaborate any more on something along the lines of "it's amazing! I'll definitely be coming every year!" I'd love to have a more coherent conversation while you're not working!

When: Saturday, January, 12 2019

Where: The Rickshaw

Classical Pianist

I'm guessing you were the only classical pianist at the Sumac show at the Astoria on Friday night! I'm the foreigner whose accent you identified. Thought you were just moving during the set, but didn't see you once it ended. Would love to get to know you better.

When: Friday, January, 11 2019

Where: Sumac @ Astoria

Mindy- Thornton Park

Sunday around 10 am in Thornton- you were walking your dog- I was working, and we had an amazing conversation about how the City is failing its citizens, the collapse of civilization, etc. I think we were also flirting but I'm nit able to ask you out when I'm working. Care to go for a walk in a NICE park, and see what's what?

When: Sunday, January, 13 2019

Where: Thornton Park


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