Renaming of Names Paramedic

You picked me up around back & your easy demeanour made the ride to St.Paul's a bit too short, even for someone in pain. You had a ridiculously intuitive & thoughtful way of knowing how to reduce my pain as much as possible -almost as though you had some prior training or experience..? Seriously though, you were cool, fun, down to earth & understated.. & I didn't have an opportunity to say, thanks, C. ps -the hand gesture alongside the name change sealed the deal- you really are welcome to introduce me whenever you like (we can work on your French). If you see this & are up for a thank-you/would like to get to know you better coffee, drop me a line. Best part of the whole 'emergency' experience.

When: Thursday, October, 25 2018

Where: Back of apt to St.Paul's