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E.g., Jun 16 2019

Super store

You were in a line up at checkout 7 on your phone. Was hoping I could get you to notice me at checkout next to you. Maybe I’ll see you here again cause I think you will like me cause I think youre cute. Coffee? You; buff inked asain wearing black hat and vest

When: Friday, June, 14 2019

Where: North van super store

Fly Operator

We didn't have an encounter, I just think you're cute and want to talk to you. Fly operator covered in tattoos. Which books are you reading? I can never catch the titles when I see you walking around South Granville.

When: Thursday, May, 16 2019

Where: South Granville

Beautiful and Sweet Sikh from Subway

You work at the Subway near New West Station. I'm a regular and you usually see me in my construction wear. I find you are super nice and polite with me as a costumer, would this change if we went for dinner/drinks?? I would love to get to know you better :)

When: Friday, June, 14 2019

Where: Subway/New west Station

At 3rd and Yew

You were out walking your golden/apricot coloured dog along 3rd ave. I am the brunette who noticed you as I crossed the street, but proceeded to walk to grab the car2go (black Mercedes) along Yew st. As I was opening the car, I looked up to see you smiling at me.

When: Wednesday, June, 05 2019

Irish Kits Beauty

You, tall Irish woman with flowing long hair and a mysterious smirk. You were working in Darby’s when I came in with a group of friends. I was stricken by your gorgeous demeanour But I was too awkward and intimated to say anything. Please reach out to me and maybe come on my boat sometime.

When: Friday, June, 07 2019

Where: Darby’s Kitsilano

I was looking for whole foods (soho)

I almost walked into you while you were getting out of the elevator. You said “cheers” and caught me off guard because I was half asleep, I apologize. I was in a green dress and yellow cardigan. Kind of wish I introduced myself when we bumped into each other the second time.

When: Sunday, March, 31 2019

Where: Burnaby

Science & Sunshine

You: sitting in the shade looking fabulous with your dark skin and wide brimmed hat. Me: a dad with black t-shirt chasing his daughter up and down the playground equipment. I kept hoping my daughter would start a game of tag with your daughters. Alas, it did not happen. I thought maybe you noticed me. Maybe your were just admiring my bald spot.

When: Tuesday, June, 11 2019

Where: Science Centre playground

JJ Bean on Main

The first time I saw you was maybe a month and a half ago, you were sitting by the door. I felt something electric as we exchanged a few glances. I've seen you a few times since, in your maroon hoodie, and I keep hoping we'll get a chance to talk, but it seems I'm always with someone, or you're headed elsewhere. I'm the one who is always in black with a few tattoos. If you'd been keen to share a cup of coffee, I'm game.

When: Saturday, June, 08 2019

Where: JJ Bean on Main

Mia @ the VMTCAS

We both went to the march alone and walked together for a bit. We lost each other in the crowd and I didn’t see you again. You seem like a cool person and it would be great to debrief about the march and stay in touch.

When: Sunday, June, 09 2019


A Complete Outfit

You, slender in a dapper “event” outfit and a dazzling opening smile for the bus driver. Me, in a silk scarf and a dashing cap, masquerading as a tourist. We walked and chatted on Denman after we got off the bus. You live in the West End and I am near palm trees on the sunny south slope to the Fraser River. Want to come with me to my favourite hat shop in Gastown to top off your outfit?

When: Saturday, June, 08 2019

Where: #19 bus and Denman Street



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