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E.g., Aug 24 2019

Ambleside Rock Shelly & Jay

Shelly, I was the tall guy with a yellow t-shirt that stood beside you at the Ambleside Rock show. We had brief chats. You have a beautiful smile and poise. I asked you if you would be back next year...but I don’t think I want to wait that long, Jay

When: Sunday, August, 18 2019

Where: Ambleside Rock

You Forgot Your Travel Mug, Celine!

You first caught my eye when I saw you change in your car - I couldn't believe a Canadian National Treasure would do such a thing! When I finally got a closer look I realised you weren't actually Celine Dion but a convincing doppelgänger. I noticed you leave your travel mug behind - maybe I could return it and you could also be my Cinderella?

When: Saturday, August, 31 2019

Where: Nanaimo Ferry

Hello Jenks!

HELLO JENKS! Meeting you was truly a delight! I trust you enjoyed it too. So, what happened? I waited for you to return. Looked around for a while. Was that your way of saying, BYE FELICIA?

When: Saturday, August, 17 2019

Where: Biltmore Hotel

Person in black on skytrain

you were wearing all black with black vans, tattoos, short hair and clear glasses frames. I almost fell over when the train started. a stretch but... want to get coffee?

When: Monday, August, 19 2019

Where: Expo Line

Produce Section Produced Smiles!

It was all too quick in the produce section...you were wearing a light blue dress with shoulder straps...collar length brown hair and lovely smile...me wearing rust/black shirt with bad sandy hair day Saw you again in checkout line up and kick myself for not saying hello! You shop there often? Hope so.

When: Thursday, August, 15 2019

Where: Produce section Buy Low Foods Kingsgate

Gimme Shelter

You and your pizza shared the tiny hotel elevator with me and my friend after the Stones concert. We met again next morning at checkout and talked rock 'n' roll on the lobby sofas. I was too wrung out from the fantastic show to think to ask for your number. Meet for a drink if you're back in Seattle for the Who?

When: Wednesday, August, 14 2019

Where: Moore Hotel, Seattle

Taking your girl camping

You were the dad with two cute kids... dropping one off and taking your oldest camping. I was the mom taking my two to visit a friend. You seemed really nice. I hope you had a great trip, it sounded really special!

When: Thursday, August, 15 2019

Where: Ferry over to Victoria

Bicycle Route Flirting

We were riding east on the 10th avenue Bike Route from kits to east van. I rode behind you for a while, tried to smile at you when I passed you. You were wearing a rainbow striped top, riding along. I caught a light and got ahead, then waited for you to catch up. I had to stop at the clinic and saw you ride by looking at me. I waved but not sure you saw. I hope so and that you see this, let's go for a bike ride again?

When: Friday, August, 16 2019

Where: 10the avenue Bike Route


Sophie, We met last Friday (August 9th) at The Red Room in Vancouver and tried to get my wasted heart fixed because it used to skip a beat since we danced together But the bitter truth is: It beats even faster than ever now that I didn’t ask for your number before you left. The problem is that such a fast heartbeat is not only bad for my health but also makes me wanna watch “Love Actually” on repeat for days. Since I can’t afford renting out the DVD too much longer, I need you to reach out to me as soon as possible. Or anyone who knows her..Sophie, blond, from Australia (Melbourne) and living in Vancouver (Kitsilano) since 2 years. Any help is appreciated. - J

When: Friday, August, 09 2019

Where: The Red Room Downtown Vancouver

You made my day

I was on my bike on the alley behind Ritsumeikan and Totem Park at UBC; you were walking toward me wearing the most fetching orange dress. Despite my goofy garb, you gave me the warmest greeting, and I was too pleasantly stunned to respond appropriately. Second chance? What as I wearing?

When: Tuesday, August, 13 2019

Where: UBC


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