Pleasant chat at the post offic

We were both waiting in line, me picking up a package and you dropping off a piece of mail. I asked you about your jacket, it had "cage co-ordinator" on it, as well as some Japanese writing at the top. I asked if you were a martial artist, and we got to talking about our reasons for being at the post office. You mentioned that the marketing program at UNC had something called a bird cage and that You coordinated getting students to participate in events. You casually mentioned having a canadian dad who taught you how to use a hockey stick that you'd probabaly be able to fight after I made the martial arts reference and we had a laught. You asked me if I was staying in town for Christmas and I mentioned that my friend had an extra plane ticket to Belize, but id probably be staying in town because of my new niece... then my phone rang and I regretfully mentioned I had to take it... before i could end the call you noticed the quick drop mail slot and had left the post office in Denman Mall. It would be nice to connect with you over a coffee if you see this. We had a pleasant chat and you had a really great energy. I don't know if anyone reads these things but if the tall blonde with the striking blue eyes happens to read this, id be happy to take you for coffee. Anyone from the "bird-cage" or UBC marketing reading this???

When: Monday, December, 17 2018

Where: Denman Place Mall post office