Wolf Eyes on the B-Line

Shot in the dark here. Thurs. Dec. 13th. 12:45 midday. B-line. Pouring rain. You: Black sweater. High waisted black and white checked pants 3/4 length, black jacket. Black boots. Bag on lap. Headphones in. Brunette, high french-braid. Striking eyes. Light freckles across nose and cheeks. A slender Sophie Turner of sorts. Early 20’s. Me: Black rain jacket over grey hoodie. Blue pants. Salt and pepper beard. Half soaked wet. Non-incident: I called out to a person that dropped their Visa a couple feet away from you. You walked South at Bwy and Granville. I walked North. Not a love connection whatsoev. Interested in potentially casting you in something. First and only crack at this. See if it works. Can provide references for comfort and security.

When: Thursday, December, 13 2018

Where: B-Line on Broadway