Bowie Ball Bartender

You were the bartender wearing a touque and hoodie at the Bowie Ball Saturday night. I'm 99% sure you were just being a friendly bartender because I was giving decent tips. But on the slim chance you weren't and the even slimmer chance you see this - I was the short chubby blonde buying too many Hey Y'alls (embarrassing for a 27 year old). I had asked for a regular and a peach but you ran out of peach. The next time I came by you made sure to tell me you found more peach and asked how I was enjoying the show. I was pretty sauced by then but still didn't have the balls to elaborate any more on something along the lines of "it's amazing! I'll definitely be coming every year!" I'd love to have a more coherent conversation while you're not working!

When: Saturday, January, 12 2019

Where: The Rickshaw