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E.g., Mar 23 2019

Vicinity Lounge, Abbotsford

You: tall, cute guy with salt and pepper hair and black leather jacket. Me: Petite, high-energy redhead dressed in purple. We stood out front and smoked while discussing modern dating. We found out that we both just turned 54 when I told you I wouldn’t date anybody under 40. I was too scatterbrained to pick up on your signals until you had left for the night. Pretty sure you’re interested....as am I. Let’s hook up over a beverage and discuss how modern dating looks for the two of us.

When: Friday, March, 22 2019

Where: Vicinity Lounge, Abbotsford

#25 UBC bus, Friday afternoon

You got on the bus at BCIT. I was in a red dress with my kids. I don't know if it was just me but I felt some serious magnetism between us. We briefly talked about Science World, and I got awkward as heck. Kicking myself for not saying more. Coffee?

When: Friday, March, 22 2019

Where: 25 UBC bus

Retro Black Truck on Cambie March 22nd Eve

We were both driving up Cambie around 8:30pm Friday and locked eyes twice before turning seperate directions. You had on a black flat-brim hat, and your looks warranted both a "look back" and a smile from me before I had to make a turn. I figure we should at least catch a coffee ;)

When: Friday, March, 22 2019

Where: Near Cambie and 2nd

I saw you on the train to king George

We were on the bus from phibbs bus # 28 we got off at joyce. I was with my buddy and we got on the same train car together. We stood next to each other the whole way. I thought you were crazy beautiful. I had a grey hoodie on with my under armour duffle bag. You had a pink kite jacket on and grey yoga pants. I really wanted to say hi. But I was nervous. Your really cute maybe hoping you reading this. Or maybe I'll see you again. Possibly

When: Friday, March, 22 2019

Where: Burnaby

Girl in the red coat

I sat across from you on the number 3 bus this morning. You were wearing a bright red coat. We locked eyes a couple times but I was too nervous to smile... You got off at 30th and looked at me again. I think you're crazy beautiful and I'm kicking myself for not saying hi. Honest to god I never post stuff like this but I'd love to buy you a coffee. Let me know what colour jacket I had on?

When: Friday, March, 22 2019

Where: Main Street

Shirtless Garbage Truck Guy

Do you think it might have been jumping the gun on summer a bit by deciding to do your job without a shirt on today? I bet you got a few complaints. I thought it was rather bold. Now I can't wait for summer myself! With your baby blue garbage truck to match your baby blue eyes. I definitely did not file a complaint!

When: Wednesday, March, 20 2019

Where: In my back alley

St. Paddy's Day at Superstore in Campbell River

You were hunched over your cart, are really tall with brown hair that looked like it might curl a bit at the ends. You were wearing a bball hat and had on a green t-shirt with a long-sleeved white one underneath. You were with a buddy that had a blonde almost-buzz cut and he was wearing a light blue t-shirt. You both obviously look after yourselves and you are in amazing shape. I had on a black jacket, have brown wavy shoulder-length hair and had my glasses perched on my nose. There was a bit of a spark when we saw each other. Our carts almost met and when I saw your beautiful, kind eyes I panicked and went down another aisle. I get nervous around handsome men. I wish I would have made a witty comment and smiled, but I panicked. I would love to meet you.

When: Sunday, March, 17 2019

Where: Superstore Campbell River

What the heck are sundries anyway?!

You: a taller, more handsome Cillian Murphy doppelgänger. Me: dark-haired, red-lipped bartender at the Orpheum. I hoped you would come back to order another water.. or uh.. lager... so that I could give you my number or maybe even be so bold as to ask you out. But alas, it has come to this. Want to get together for some snacks and sundries some time?

When: Monday, March, 18 2019

Where: FOALS at the Orpheum

Angel at the Hospital

I was walking the corridor past the cafeteria, heading to Endoscopy. Something made me look your way. Did I just catch you smiling at me? I'd love to hear why. I was also feeling a little nervous on the inside and I want to thank you for brightening my day. Coffee? You: Blonde, great smile, in a light pastel green sweater. Me: Black hair, glasses, in a team Canada sweatshirt.

When: Monday, March, 18 2019

Where: Burnaby Hospital

Walking a pug

I saw you when I was at work. I stepped outside to chat with a contractor. You and your friend were walking your dogs. Your friends dog started yapping at me, and yours ran over to sniff me. I thought you were super gorgeous, but didn't want to say anything on shift. If you see this, coffee?

When: Monday, March, 18 2019

Where: Robson and Cambie


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