How many times?

We met eyes repeatedly in the few seconds involved in a walk past on on a busy street. We may even have tracked each other; I know I was tracking you, and you always seemed to notice. Then, I was off for a dinner engagement, and you, your life. I first spied you dropping something in the bin on the NW corner, with your chopped, blond bob and irreverent cat-eyeshadow, red top and blue-gray pants, amoungst the masses. Your expression, in deed and choice, reflected your beauty and shone through it all. I, in black hat, jacket and jeans, salty beard and glasses, was transfixed. So my answer is, that in a given life, not many times can one expect to feel something that strong. So I owe it to myself, and the world, and especially a certain someone, to reach out in the hope of sharing some joy. I want to meet you for a berverage, and maybe compare playlists if it comes to that. Or ??

When: Saturday, April, 6 2019

Where: Georgia and Granville