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E.g., Jun 2 2020

Cnr Commerical Dr and Broadway

You: are tall, gorgeous, listening to music on your headphones on the corner. Waiting to cross the street, or a bus maybe. I: drove past in a black car, my face must have lit up as I saw you. I wasn't subtle... because it made you laugh, and wow.. so did your face light up too. Slim chance, but maybe you see this.

When: Friday, May, 29 2020

Where: Corner of Commercial Dr and Broadway

Running in the rain. The glorious rain.

You were wearing a bright yellow coat. We crossed paths twice, each time sharing unfiltered grins for our soggy runs. I would love to see your bright smile again.

When: Saturday, May, 30 2020

Where: Seawall- Science World and Cambie Bridge ramp

I almost crashed my bike on Adanac by the park, you asked if I was okay!

You: awesome knee-high blue socks. Me: salmon floral shirt and glasses. You flashed me a smile a bit before stopping your bike at Woodland by the park. I almost crashed my bike because I was checking you out. I muttered something and you asked me If I was okay. Would love to go for a ride sometime!

When: Friday, May, 29 2020

Where: Adanac at Woodland

Lime-green-yellow bike helmet guy, biking on Adanac!

You: were biking on the Adanac bike path just before Templeton School. It had just started to rain a bit and you looked super happy and smiled at me as you biked by. Me: had literally just thought about how I never see anyone I think is cute anymore and was bummed out that it started to rain on my dog walk. Then you biked by and totally proved me wrong! I think you saw me being startled by you. lol! Unfortunately I was wearing a cap and shades. :/ If you remember this and aren’t seeing anyone atm: are you up for a distance hang out or bike ride? Would love to see that killer smile again! 1.15pm on Friday May 29th

When: Friday, May, 29 2020

Where: Adanac Bike Path just before Templeton School

Blonde, checkered pants, green haired friend, on bike bikes. Knight and King Edward st.

You and your friend were crossing King Edward in front of me on your bikes and stopped to check on something with your bike. We made eye contact and I felt a spark. We had a very brief conversation and I walked into the park. And I could see you looking back at me as you rode up knight. You are gorgeous! I'm a tall long blonde haired man. Hopefully you reply!

When: Friday, May, 01 2020

Where: Knight and King Edward

Accidentally Unmatched :(

We've been chatting on Tinder for a few weeks You: a tall funny redhead from East Van (Nico). Me: a taller guy from Main Street. I had just answered your question about what part of town I live in. Then somehow, I think I accidentally unmatched us. It would be nice to continue the conversation.

When: Monday, May, 25 2020

Where: Tinder

Takeout Anh & Chi for park picnic

You were part of a trio about to enjoy takeout dinner and wine in a local park; all of you had ridden your bikes. You wearing a green osprey backpack and the only one in your group with a road bike. I was waiting in line behind you and provided brief directions. While we exchanged brief pleasantries, I’m curious to learn more.

When: Tuesday, May, 26 2020

Where: Anh & Chi on Main Street

Whatcom Petro Can

Whatcom Petro Can (abbotsford) © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap You and your friend were leaving when you held the door for me and i was caught off guard by your smile, I said thank you and wish i had said more, i saw you again before i left and caught that smile again. A million to one chance but worth a shot, you attractive blonde girl me medium build male in green message me with your description and if its you i would love to connect

When: Tuesday, May, 26 2020

Where: Abbotsford

I saw you in the emerald glow.

It was a radiant post-apocalyptic night. Our eyes met, and I knew that it would be safe to go your way. The lime luminescence of your skin, the malachite shade of your hair, the mint-tint to your nails. You were walking your little dog in the afterglow. What was his name? Moss? Pistachio? You could say this is a harlequin romance, but I disagree. Please don’t be jaded. I truly pine for you.

When: Thursday, May, 21 2020

Where: Near the Safeway on Davie Street

Aviators,one hitter and satanism for superheroes

We were getting on the same bus. Then we weren't. Then we were. 3, 99. Apparently you're my exact favorite aesthetic and I couldn't stop blushing and trying hard not to stare at you.

When: Friday, May, 22 2020

Where: Main and Broadway


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