Hugs- Why don't oysters ever donate their pearls?

I was waiting for my bus, #7, singing a song, and this little old lady with a walker and a ziplock bag, told you to take two sheets of paper out of the bag she was holding - one was a piece that said 'hug' with a cartoon character on it & one was a joke. You crouched beside me and asked me what my joke was. I told you and you replied, 'shellfish'. I asked if you looked at my paper and you said, 'no', showed me yours and smiled. They were the same. :) Then you asked me if I wanted a hug. I said yes. We hugged and chatted for a minute. You asked me how my day was and what I did. My bus arrived. I hopped on, hoping it was your bus too. I got off two stops later because I regretted not staying to talk to you some more. So, I walked back and by then you were gone...I missed you. I hope you see this so we can tell each other more jokes and hug Haha. You were a good hugger fyi:)

When: Friday, May, 17 2019

Where: WEST 4TH AVE Bus stop across from Wholefoods (Kits)