Natures Fare Market, White Rock...May 12 at 4:15pm

Hi... Me: Hooded sweatshirt, hair up..I was coming into the store with two bags of tortillas...You: tall, shaved head... were paying for your groceries. We made eye contact and I think I may have briefly smiled, I couldn't help myself. Did we have a connection? I went outside to return the tortillas (changed my mind haha) but was too shy to make eye contact again as we passed each other when you were leaving the store. I did watch you walk away however, and wish I would have been a bit braver to smile again and maybe say hi when you were leaving. If I'm right and you felt a connection I would love to maybe meet up for coffee? I'm not interested in the online dating world, I believe more in face to face connections and I definitely felt something. Let me know...

When: Sunday, May, 12 2019

Where: Natures Fare Market, White Rock, BC