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E.g., Jun 25 2019

Park and Fly Shuttle Bus - Secret Admirer

You were wearing a jacket that said BTA Academy on it and have curly hair. We were both in the shuttle bus from YVR to the airport late that night (around midnight) You looked like someone who goes skiing or climbing a lot. I was picking up a group of people from the airport. Had I not, I definity would have just asked you out. In any case, would be nice to meet up sometime!

When: Saturday, June, 22 2019

Where: YVR Park n Fly Shuttle Bus

Monday Evening Bus Stop Charmer

We had a nice chat about my shopping, driving and the approaching summer. You - blonde, blue eyed and skateboard, me - brown hair and too many bags. I felt like my bus came too soon and so did the end of our conversation. Would love to continue it somewhere else.

When: Monday, June, 24 2019

Where: Park royal


Tu m’as demandé de danser à la fin de la nuit mais j’étais distrait. J’aurais dû accepter l’offre d’un homme aussi beau, gentil et multilingue. Are you Abel to forgive me?

When: Sunday, June, 16 2019

Where: Calabash

Guilt and Co Date Night

Last Friday night a friend and I were sitting at the bar when you came up beside us to order a drink with a big smile. You: very tall, longish brown hair with a beard, white T-shirt, waiting for your date. Me: long blonde hair, nude colour lace bodysuit, drinking wine. If the date didn’t work out I would love to see that smile again.

When: Friday, June, 21 2019

Where: Guilt and company

Riding by

You saw a woman walking along Pender toward Commercial on Saturday night. She was walking very slowly and very intentionally, sans shoes, as a diy-foot-physio attempt. She wore a green sweatshirt below a mess of curly brown hair and she looked up at you as you rode your bike past her, south on Commercial. You smiled at her, and later that evening she thought to herself that it would be nice if you posted an I Saw You because there was something warm and curious about you that she liked.

When: Saturday, June, 22 2019

Where: Commercial Dr/Pender St

Pulp Fiction employee

I was there picking in an order Sunday the 23rd. Afterwards as I was browsing you came out to talk to the owner and when I looked over you caught my eye. I’ve seen you working there many times and certainly noticed you but this time there was just a certain beauty I had never noticed before. My mistake obviously. I wouldn’t attempt to really chat you up while you work but I’d love to outside of work if you’re game

When: Sunday, June, 23 2019

Where: Pulp fiction books Main St

Trout Lake Park dog wants to say, "Hello"

It was the first day of summer: Trout Lake Park under a tall shade tree. It was Indigenous Day. I was sad; tearful. You said, "My dog wants to say, 'Hello'". She was a chihuahua, I think. She allowed me to pet her. "And you are kind" I thought, and now regret that not having said so.

When: Friday, June, 21 2019

Where: Trout Lake Park

Cute Paramedic at Science World on a Saturday Night

A cyclist had crashed on the bike path near Science World. You arrived to save the day. I was in the grey button up shirt, one of the 3 guys who had called it in. You told me about all the big needles you use. Please! My heart has stopped and it needs resuscitation. Can you help?

When: Saturday, June, 15 2019

Where: False Creek - Science World

Golden Ears East Canyon Lot

I saw you looking at the map with your cute, overly friendly dog. I was going to introduce myself but then someone pulled up and you greeted her “Nice to meet you”. First date? If it doesn’t work out, shoot me a message :)

When: Wednesday, June, 19 2019

Where: Golden Ears Park - East Canyon Trail Parking Lot

Bus16 got off at Drake

Hi you were wearing a white impressively ironed shirt on bus 16 this morning. I was standing next to you. Blue top, purple nailpolish and a yellow jade bracelet. I awkwardly removed my white sweater because it was too warm on the bus. I think you smiled at me. I wish I had said something. You got off at Drake St around 8:45 this morning. I'd love to grab a coffee sometime.

When: Tuesday, June, 18 2019

Where: Bus 16 going downtown


"When I Was Your Age"

I got a little sick of being told shit like "I was at Woodstock when you were in diapers...


Savage Love: Adjust expectations or end marriage

"I don’t want to sleep with my wife anymore because there is never any foreplay and a few minutes into it she’s telling me to hurry up."

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