Me and my Frenchie looking for friends!

I have one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen (yeah, I'm humble enough to admit he might not be "the most" as every dog parent ever says, but he really is up up there!), so every time I walk him, I end up interacting with lots of different people. I just thought hey why not try to make friends like that? Sounds "lame"? Keep on reading :) Yeah, Frenchie's are all over the city, but believe me when I tell you this dog is a magnet! He brings out the biggest smiles even in people who had frowns. We smile at the elderly, young, middle aged, everyone, todos and we don't discriminate the homeless or else. We stop and say hi because everyone deserves a smile. I just really like seeing people smile (sometimes more so when I'm not smiling myself, you get that?), and by how my dog moves his tiny tail I think he does too. I've lived here for four years and yeah it's tough to meet new people yada yada, to make friends. I don't like using apps, so if you ever see me walking my dog and you feel like it, say hi. I'm a 29 year old male btw. Just here for the friends! Maybe mention that you saw my post (that'd be so creepy but cool) and hopefully we get along! If you have dogs yourself then all the best. See you around

When: Sunday, June, 30 2019

Where: Kits/South Granville