I was your leaning post in 7-11

Saw you trying to walk into the 7-11 at the corner of Smithe & Beatty around 3pm and I assumed you were drunk because you were staggering and falling down. I asked if you needed help, and you said you wanted a slurpee so I held you up to keep you from falling over while you waited in line to pay for it. Then you asked me to help you get back to your friends place a block away, and instructed me, "Not to take advantage of you!" It took us about half an hour to walk the block because you kept stopping and telling me you were gonna be sick, but never did. We still had a great conversation that really left a lasting impression on me. After thanking me for getting you back safely, I really wanted to ask for your # but refrained, as I didn't want to take 'advantage' of the situation. If by chance you happen to see this, I would love to get to know you over a coffee (or slurpee) some time.

When: Wednesday, June, 12 2019

Where: Smithe & Beatty