Nice Jewish woman...

We met for coffee on a fall day some 11 years ago (not the way this system suggests...) after a brief connection from Plentyoffish. I forgot your name – Leanne... (?)..., Leigh... (?), starting with L letter, I am guessing... You were a nice, well traveled and educated Jewish woman. We then had a dinner in a restaurant at Commercial Drive. Then we met one more time and you showed me your pictures from the places you had traveled to in Australia, well before I did. You had a daughter who at that time had been in process of her sex change and changing herself from a woman to a man and this is a very distinctive feature that should define you in my search. Then I left Vancouver for a project and you went to Israel. After these travel events we never got together again. I have been thinking about you on several occasions, still thinking how you have been doing after all these years. If you, or others who know you, see this ad, please respond. Thank you a lot!

When: Wednesday, October, 30 2019

Where: Commercial Drive