Repeated Eye Contact on Very Full UBC Bus

Me - Short haired, tallish pale man with big ears in big black coat & boots lugging large rectangular case on the bus. You - lanky, tan, tall, in jeans that didn't fit and a high, loosely tied, dark auburn ponytail, wearing little to no makeup. You were listening to something on a largish iPhone with a translucent case. I was determined not to notice anybody, but I noticed you when you got on, Downtown around Granville@Davie, a few stops after me. Your angular and distinctive features and distinctly anti-aesthetic fashion choices complimented the aura of cool self-assurance you projected across my horizon. I kept noticing you. Then I noticed you noticing me noticing you. This continued to happen until you got off the bus (at maybe around W Broadway @ Alma). The last thing you did was half turn your head to flash your eyes at me. Unsure if your noticing my noticing you was positive or negative, but you left a lasting impression on this end. I already know I would gladly devote many more attention cycles to you. If you think you might like that, hit me up.

When: Saturday, October, 26 2019

Where: 04/14 Bus to UBC