I always see you in downtown library

Almost every time I walk into VPL downtown, I usually walk to the washroom. I always see you at the same computer, and you are always standing at the computer. This is on the main floor. I try and walk to the side to see your face, and I have gotten to see your face before. You are so beautiful. I love your long hair. Is that rock music you listen to? Because I see you rocking your head to it? I love metal music myself. I'm a hardcore Marilyn Manson and Ramstein addict. I hope you like them too! I'm just a cute Swedish girl. I'm only 29. I hope you like dating younger women....I think I'll have to get the courage to approach you next time I'm in the library.. mmmm...sometimes I just want to grab your butt when I watch you... I don't think you have ever seen you, but im totally your secret admierer....

When: Friday, November, 15 2019

Where: VPL main floor