Danny from IKEA

I know you're probably not going to see this but I'm going to try anyways. I was having my first day of orientation on Saturday (Nov 16) and you answered the buzzer to let me in. I couldn't help but notice you when I saw at the front desk for S&S office. I was the short asian girl with the black beanie hat and blue puffy jacket with the timberlands. I realised that I really like you and I really hope to see/talk to you again or maybe we can hang out? I really like your tattoos and I remember that day, you thought it was 5:30 and you got off work, but it was actually 4:30 and then you had to come back up and I was sitting there on the couch so I saw the whole thing. A few days after that, I overheard you saying that it was your last day when you were talking to your coworker on Thursday and I was quite disappointed but I hope I will get to see you again. If it's really you, could you please tell me what code 1000 in reception means, which department you worked in, also maybe a description of yourself and what the emergency hotline/number is? (the number that will be given first priority) I posted before on different sites and someone replied but I wasn't sure if it was actually you so I'm going to try this again.

When: Saturday, November, 16 2019

Where: IKEA Richmond

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