Exotic Princess Flying Into Firecrust

Woah girl.. slow down. You, gorgeous petite, dark haired goddess dressed in all black. Not sure if you are Latina or Middle Eastern but man, you were stunning. I saw you running from across the street, not sure if you were coming out of work or what but you were so fast. You kinda had a funny run, but it was really endearing. You ran so fast in to the joint to grab your Margarita pizza and you ran out again but not with out smiling at me with those big beautiful brown eyes... I was the tall, dark haired, dressed in a suit grabbing my lunch aswell. I fly between here and NYC a few times a month. I would love to take you for pizza and wine.

When: Saturday, December, 7 2019

Where: Firecrust Pizza on Davie St and Howe St