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E.g., Sep 27 2020

Mosquito Lake dock

We shared the dock, you after a friends birthday party, me after helping out at the Pemberton Aerothlon. Thought we could meet again sometime, in Vancouver.

When: Monday, August, 31 2020

Where: Mosquito Lake

Jogging on the Seawall

You were jogging on the seawall, I was on a work call. I noticed your smile and decided to turn around in hopes to see you again. Luckily, you passed again and I was too shy to say hi. I would like to say hello over coffee sometime.

When: Tuesday, September, 01 2020

Where: Seawall, near Cooper Park


It was so very lovely to meet you. I hope you bike through my neighbourhood again soon.

When: Sunday, August, 30 2020

Where: Windermere high school

On the Seawall near Granville Island

I was walking slowly because I hurt my left leg from over running. You passed me but kept a few paces ahead. Did you on purposely walk slow because of me. You turned around a couple of times. Later, you paused somewhere but then popped up again and passed me and walked slowly a few paces ahead of me again. I followed behind you again. You crossed the walk at Granville Island but I turned down. Should have followed you some more. You had blue shirt and brown hair. It was nice of you to slow your pace. My leg is injured.

When: Saturday, August, 29 2020

Where: Seawall, Granville Island

On your way back from the beach

You were tall, striking and had fun hair, I was in in a long striped dress with glasses. You were walking up from the beach with a wet chocolate lab, I was headed down. You said "hey", I said "hey" back, and so wish I'd said more. I haven't had anyone turn my head like that since the Before Times.

When: Friday, August, 28 2020

Where: Balsam Street just up from Kits Pool

6 Month Old Puppy on Heather

Hi- I was just running down Heather and you crossed 16th with your puppy. We talked for just a second, but I didn't know how to give you my number in a not awkward way and I missed my chance. You probably won't see this, but worth a shot! :)

When: Monday, August, 24 2020

Where: Heather and 16th

You didn’t like the spritz I made you.

I caught you making a face of discussed when trying a spritz I made for you at a restaurant near Fraser & Kingsway. We had a good laugh. Thought you were really cute. Coffee? The Bar Guy

When: Wednesday, August, 19 2020

Where: Restaurant Fraser & Kingsway

Park puncher

You, punching your trainer, it looked hot... and sounded loud! Wow, you put in power! I was being silly (had a whole internet marketing plan to make you a YouTube star off that punch) and you didn't run away, I didn't expect that, got self conscious and moved on. I listened to a message from afar after, turned and saw you watch me. I should have came back and asked you for "coffee", but wasn't sure if the look was curiosity or... um... curiosity. Still not sure (maybe you were just being kind, indulging in some light banter, maybe not and I didn't know I was successfully flirting and not used to success?) but here you can say yea or nay more freely without putting you on the spot in public. Here's hoping you at least see this, now I'm curious... and, um, curious. :) PS time was somewhere between 5:30 -7:15pm, not sure but it was end of the day, very scenic place to throw a punch!

When: Tuesday, August, 18 2020

Where: Viewpoint by the Teahouse, Stanley Park

Apollo 12 Buddies

Umm, hey- it was really nice getting to know you waiting for the bus from the ferry. I know you have a partner, which is I think why we were hesitant to exchange info, but I'm actually really not in a relationship place, I just think you're a real sweet human who is into a lot of the same stuff (and has the same bike). You're great- let's connect if you're feeling it.

When: Sunday, August, 16 2020

Where: Horseshoe Bay


I dont see a future

I dont see the point of this shitty unjust world and frankly I dont want to be a part of it...


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