No Frills Cashier

To the cashier at No Frills with long wavy hair and a warm smile, If you ever read this, I'm quite confident you'll know who I am. I first saw you working at the beginning of spring in 2019. Although I didn't go through your till, we were both holding eye contact and smiling at each other. I was getting over somebody at the time so I didn't go back and talk to you, which was a mistake on my part. Fast forward to early November. I was in the area to visit a friend and went in the store to buy a snack. As I was paying, I noticed you working a few lanes behind the one I was in. Seeing you again brought back some feelings, so I decided I would go back and talk to you, and I did. I went back the next week and saw you just as you were leaving. Unfortunate, but not a big deal. Later that week I visited once more and finally had the opportunity to speak with you. Although what we were talking about wasn't particularly interesting (I asked if you were hiring for the holiday season), neither of us could seem to hold back our smiles. After that conversation I told myself that the next time I see you I needed to ask you out for coffee. And that's what brings me here. I haven't seen you since that day. It's been about a month. I never even got your name. I'm not sure if you've moved on from that job or I'm just shopping at the wrong times. I figure that making this post won't do any harm. On the off chance you see this, let me know. If we don't see each other again, I wish you the best. Joshua

When: Tuesday, November, 19 2019

Where: No Frills Hastings