Which Tofu is Firmer?

I was standing in the tofu section and saw that you grabbed a super firm tofu package. I thought to myself that person must know the answer to my lifelong question: which tofu is firmer, “extra firm” or “super firm”? I casually gestured to you and asked if you knew which variety was truly firmer. Although my intentions were innocent at first, the moment we locked eyes I was very much attracted to you, at times too shy to look into your eyes. You responded with, “did you do the feel test?”, which prompted us to a session of feeling up all the tofu. After some moments of laughter and sweet connection, I regrettably ended the interaction too soon, feeling like our time together was too good to be true. I paced over to the fresh vegetables, wondering if I’d ever see you again.

When: Tuesday, December, 10 2019

Where: Safeway at Broadway and Commercial

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