Unsuccessful starbucks transaction

You were ahead of me in line at starbucks trying to pay for your order but your card wasn't working so I offered to pay, I hope you didn't feel rushed by that! You apologized, noting that I was with a baby (casually mention here that I look after her, she's not my baby!). After you left, I think to take out money, I tried paying anyways but my card didn't work either so I think it really was the machine. Anyways, you seemed sweet, so shot in the dark that you might see this, I'd be interested in getting to know you if you're available or interested or ever even see this. I'd be happy to buy your next coffee regardless of whether your card is working or not :) If you see this & want to connect, let me know which starbucks location this was at, or what accent you had so I can be sure it's you

When: Friday, January, 31 2020

Where: Starbucks