On a bus in West Van & again at Delany's cafe

I was in the very back corner next to a woman with a huge bouquet of flowers. You got on the bus in Vancouver and sat facing me. You were wearing hikers, a blue wool sweater, and white and blue earbuds. We made eye contact and I thought I'd like to speak to you if we get off the bus at the same stop. You stayed on all the way until about 18th in West Van. When you got off, I thought I missed my chance. I was going to 24th and would be at an appointment for nearly 2 hours. When my meeting was done I went to delany's cafe. Low and behold there you were again! Working on your laptop, with your ergonomic mouse. I couldn't hardly believe it. I was sitting behind you working on my laptop, I tried to find a good time to speak to you again but didn't. We ended up leaving at the same time, but you were wearing your earbuds again and I couldn't bring myself to interrupt you. We both ended up walking along the sea wall. Contact me if you would allow me to try again at the cafe. :)

When: Thursday, March, 12 2020

Where: Bus from Van to West Van / Delany's cafe