Lime-green-yellow bike helmet guy, biking on Adanac!

You: were biking on the Adanac bike path just before Templeton School. It had just started to rain a bit and you looked super happy and smiled at me as you biked by. Me: had literally just thought about how I never see anyone I think is cute anymore and was bummed out that it started to rain on my dog walk. Then you biked by and totally proved me wrong! I think you saw me being startled by you. lol! Unfortunately I was wearing a cap and shades. :/ If you remember this and aren’t seeing anyone atm: are you up for a distance hang out or bike ride? Would love to see that killer smile again! 1.15pm on Friday May 29th

When: Friday, May, 29 2020

Where: Adanac Bike Path just before Templeton School