Grey and shades on wreck beach

Sunset Monday, I was carrying my shoes, backpack and saddle bag, and walking to the bathrooms. You were at the foot of them on the sand. I think you were either wandering or trying to find your spot. You with a grey tee wearing aviators and a ball cap, me in a white tee, blond and silver glasses. We noticed each other and I kept walking, thinking you were hot and I wasn't anything. Then I noticed you kept looking my way as you meandered towards the shore. You were with someone else but as you made your way to them you kept standing, looking my way. You stood facing my way the whole time. I was actually watching the last of the sun behind the clouds but you were way more appealing. I wanted to see more of you. You were the right kind of something I'd want to know more of.

When: Monday, June, 29 2020

Where: Wreck Beach towards the stairs area